Walking Shoes Review

Walk Your Way To Lower Blood Pressure

This walking shoes review will give you an overview of the different options of walking shoes that are available to you.... walking is a fun way to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Simple lifestyle changes such as increasing your levels of gentle exercise and eating more healthily can go a long way to lowering blood pressure by helping you lose weight. Depending on your environment and the amount of time you want to dedicate to getting fit, walking can be either an exciting and exhilarating weekend hobby, or a quick and regular addition to your routine.

Walking Shoes: Hiking and Rough Terrain

For the more adventurous of you who want to traverse mountainous landscapes and navigate rocks, gravel, mud and whatever else nature can throw at you, there are two major contenders for walking boots. Hiking is a popular choice because it’s a form of exercise that can be shared with friends and family rather than a lonely battle in the gym. The steady exercise will help you lose weight, strengthen your heart muscles and as a result naturally lower your blood pressure without relying on medication.


Merrell are at the higher end of the market when it comes to price, but they make it easy for you to choose the right kind of walking boots for your purpose. They have a huge range and their walking shoes can be water resistant, water proof, breathable or insulated, making them suitable for any environment or terrain. Merrell pride themselves on designing boots that offer full support so that you won’t damage your feet even on long walks.

Salomon walking boots

A slightly cheaper option is Salomon walking boots, although they don’t skip out on quality either. With a slightly smaller range, Salomon sells shoes that are suitable for different intensities of use and different times of year and terrain. They specialise in walking boots designed for extreme conditions and hard exercise, but there are plenty of options for first time walkers too!

Urban Walking: MBT and Avia

Avia and MBT employ similar technology into some of their walking shoes range, which allows you to do the same amount of walking in a day that you usually would but do more than twice as much exercise. The round soles of their shoes cause your feet to work harder to balance, replicating the effects of walking with bare feet on uneven surfaces. This strengthens the muscles in your legs that you wouldn’t usually use and helps you lose more weight because your body works harder than it would normally.

MBT and Avia walking shoes are a great choice if you’ve been advised to lose weight or get more exercise to lower your blood pressure but you’re having difficulty motivating yourself or making time in your schedule. Because they are a favourite of people who want to become healthy but can’t make time to get away into the country for the weekend, both MBT and Avia’s walking shoes are designed to be stylish enough to wear in public without worrying you look like you’re on your way to the gym.

Remember that the most important attribute of a new pair of walking shoes is to find a pair that are comfortable for you and suit their purpose. This walking shoes review has offered up a few of the most popular and reliable walking shoe choices, but professional shoe fitters such as those you can find in your local sports shops will help you find the perfect pair. Make walking a fun way to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally.

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