Sudden High Blood Pressure

Something To Worry About ?

Ever worried about sudden high blood pressure rise? In most cases there is nothing to be worried about. If your blood pressure has never been a problem in the past but you unexpectedly experience a quick increase, it can be a sign of underlying health issues, or simply just a reaction to a recent activity or part of your routine.

Sudden Hypertension

This can be normal. There are certain things which you do during your daily routine that automatically make your blood pressure higher than normal. This can be seen easily, if you have a home blood pressure monitor handy. Stressful situations such as visiting the dentist or reading a speech or giving a presentation will raise your blood pressure, but this is perfectly natural.


Blood pressure is generally higher in the morning. The brain releases chemicals such as adrenalin to wake you and get you active that also have a side effect on blood pressure. Artificial stimulants such as coffee and nicotine also raise pressure levels, but these aren’t as ‘natural’ as the other elevations in blood pressure.

However, dramatic increase in numbers can also indicate medical complications in your body, such as a bad reaction to prescription medication you may be taking. If you are pregnant, sudden high blood pressure shouldn’t be ignored because it can be a precursor to pregnancy complications and should immediately be considered by a physician. It can also signify a sudden narrowing in your blood vessels, in particular those that feed blood to the kidneys.

As mentioned several times and over and over again, it is very important to be physically active. Find ways to get that bit of extra exerice. Walk that extra mile ! This will all add up and strengthen the whole body and keep you in generally good health. Then there will be no reason to worry about an unexpected rise in blood pressure numbers. The body when healthy, will be able to take care of this.

Take Frequent Readings

So how do you know when you should worry, I hear you ask? The answer is to take another blood pressure reading after 20 minutes or so, during which time you should rest. If there is something to be concerned about, your levels will still be high after 20 minutes, otherwise the effects of the cause will have worn off and it isn’t anything to worry about.


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