YOGA For Mind & Body Transformation

Sri Sri Yoga Workshop are once a week or during the weekends. 
Transform Yourself with Yoga & Meditation!!

For details regarding dates and locations you may contact chycentre @ These workshops are already popular in many countries around the globe. I've been teaching yoga for a long time and am happy to do these very special sessions. They are quite unique indeed.

 2017 & 2018

To book your place email: 

Sri Sri Yoga: 10 Hour Workshops of 4-6 session. This will be followed by ongoing weekly group sessions for regular practice.


The techniques of Yoga are taught in an unusually fun, light and joyful manner. It is  suitable for different levels of Yoga students, from beginners to advanced.

The workshops beautifully combine all the following aspects –

  • Yoga Asanas/Postures – for the well-being of the body and mind
  • Pranayama – to regulate the flow of prana 
  • Meditation – to nurture the mind and spirit
  • Knowledge – practical wisdom or Yogic Philosophy to deal with the challenges of daily life 
  • singing and celebrating

A Chance To Recharge, strengthen, and awaken your true self.

Yoga is a holistic way of energizing and integrating your body, mind and spirit.  This ancient knowledge has been made applicable for modern times and can easily become part of your daily routine. Daily practice will result in a lasting experience of peace and joy revealing your true inner power. You will experience overall radiant health. You will sure enjoy and benefit from the course!


  • These  workshops of 1-3 hours each provide you with a good experience of all aspects of Yoga.
  • Rejuvenating Asanas
  • Energizing Pranayamas
  • Deep Blissful Meditations
  • You development a personal yoga practice
  • Yogic and Ayurvedic Diet Tips
  • Intro to Nadi Pariksha
  • Ayurveda Lifestyle


  • Subtle, Easy, Effective and Fun to practice
  • Learn yoga systematically with personal attention in small groups

Follow Up Practice:

  • Weekly follow ups available at our centers to continue your practice
  • New Level 1 & 2 Courses will be announced regularly. 
  • If you have a group we will be happy to organise a course near you.
  • For upcoming dates and course you may email:  

Prerequisites: None. Beginner to Advance Levels welcome :)

Fees: £150

"When you can appreciate beauty in every inch of creation, that is Yoga".

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