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Poems can inspire you ! Short inspirational poems are both handy and heartening, so if one comes your way and inspires you to better health, so much the better. It’s a subject that crops up in many places, whether the poetry is classical or modern, serious or light-hearted. After all it’s a topic of general interest, so it’s not surprising that poets both major and minor have tried their hand at it. And with varying results, it must be said.

The first prize for being short, while being somewhat inspirational, may well go to Virgil for his contribution all those centuries ago of “The greatest wealth is health”. Highly portable, easy to remember and vaguely motivating, although of course you will need more information on how to get started, as Virgil didn’t offer this add-on.

If Virgil could do it, then why not you?

You may also find that ready-made poems don’t bring you exactly what you want. In this case, why not try your hand at making your own poems? After all, it’s easier than making your own DASH diet meals and you don’t need to go out and look for ingredients. Perhaps you could start with something simple, like Virgil’s couplet. Maybe “When my blood pressure’s right, I feel fit and bright”. Agreed, this may not win any major poetry prizes, but then the aim is more for you to have a little ditty that you can refer to at any time and that does the job of inspiring you.

Now what dietary important word rhymes with “podium”?

Although our second example above in line with short inspirational poems has the merit of being more precise than “the greatest wealth is health” (which really is a bit too general), we still need a little more in terms of how practically to set about things, for example in terms of balanced blood pressure. Stay tuned, here comes out next example: “My blood pressure’s down when I lower my sodium, and fats that lack saturation. With attention to eating and exercise too, I’ll be soon the pride of the nation”.

Certain compromises that short poems may force on you

The example just above teaches us a couple of things about trying to write short poems to inspire us about health. First of all, poetry sometimes obliges us to be roundabout in the way we express things, especially if we want it to rhyme (which makes it easier to remember).

You’ll notice that we said “fats that lack saturation” rather than “unsaturated fats”, because otherwise it was going to spoil both the rhythm and the rhyme. Poetry may also lead you to be so inspired that you become quite ambitious. For instance, imagining that you will become the “pride of the nation” may be just a tad over the top. But hey, who cares? And I bet you’re already murmuring our little ditty, “My blood pressure’s down…”, to yourself as we speak.

No, we’re not scared of saturated fats, and we’ll prove it

Perhaps you think that we didn’t use “saturated fats” in our last example, because we’re scared of them? Scared of their terrible effects on your liver, on the bad cholesterol production in your body, the clogged arteries, the high blood pressure and worse still? Well, actually, we might be a bit scared for you, although if you promised to eat healthy fat-reduced, sodium-reduced meals like the ones indicated in the DASH meal plans, then all should be OK. And just to prove that we’ll do battle with saturated fats anytime, anywhere, here’s our fourth concise and motivational effort: “saturated fats are bad, they give you hypertension. And also make you put on weight, which we should also mention”. Again, no prizes for outstanding quality, but if we can get you sing this (make your own music) in the shower, then our goal will be accomplished.

Mr. Cummings has the last word (for the moment)

There is of course more than one approach to short inspirational poems that you can pull out of your mental pocket, so to speak, and inspire yourself with, in a few seconds. Can’t get those pesky rhymes to work? Those lines just won’t scan properly? We have a solution. It’s the e.e.cummings approach and it’s very simply. Forget about rhymes, forget about poetic meter and rhythm, just write the words as they come to you and don’t bother about punctuation. Of course you’d better make it pretty darn memorable, because you won’t have any of the other advantages to help you recall it when you want it.

Do send us some short inspirational poems, if anything pops into your head. We will be happy to publish them here to inspire others towards better health.

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