Running vs Walking

Two excellent forms of exercises. Do one or the other depending on your level of fitness. Running vs walking : Both are exercises beneficial to the body and mind. Both aid in weight loss, better cardiovascular strenth resulting in lower blood pressure and stronger bones. The importance of exercise is that it helps the body burn calories and consequently leads to a reduction in weight. The lower the weight, the healthier one can be.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is influenced by your current weight as well the amount of walking or running undertaken. A heavier person burns more calories than a lighter person doing the same walk. The calories we burn when we engage in physical activities are measured by Metabolic Equivalents (MET) and the METs for walking range between 2 and 8 MET while those for running average 8 to 18.


For people who have not been used to any form of physical activity, walking would be the ideal introduction to physical fitness. As an exercise, walking is fairly easy to undertake as it does not require any special training and is actually an exercise we all have undertaken at some stage in our lives. You could, for example, start by walking for just a few minutes around the neighborhood and with time increase both the time taken and the speed used.

Observe your progress

While the very first walking exercises could show positive results, greater results will only be achieved when the exercise is modified to respond to the goals set at the beginning. If, for example, you have set yourself the goal of losing 80 pounds, you might notice that after two weeks of increased walking you have lost 30 pounds. Unless you increase the intensity level of your exercises, it is easy to stagnate at this point. That is when you should consider intensifying the exercises either through faster and longer walking or by starting light running.

As an exercise, walking burns fewer calories than running. To spend the same amount of calories as the runner does, a walker will need to cover a distance twice as that covered by the runner. For this reason too, running is a more time-efficient exercise than walking.

Running Vs Walking

The decision on the form of exercise to choose between walking and running should also be informed by how each affects you. While the intention in exercising is to burn as many calories as possible, it is also important to consider the risks that each form of exercises presents. For safety, walking is certainly more preferable as it has very little exertion and is less unlikely to hurt the joints and other body organs. Running on the other hand can be punishing to the joints and knees and, without knowing it, you could easily be over-exerting your body.

The amount of calories that you burn when running vs walking is different, but a walker can make up for the lower burning rate by exercising for longer. That means that almost everybody can benefit from walking. Just make the practice regular.

Benefits of daily running or walking:

Both exercises tone and strengthen all the muscles of the body including the heart muscles. They strengthen the bones, lower blood pressure and they uplift the spirits and are anti-aging.

Walking quote: I have two doctors, my left leg and my right. G.M.Trevelyan (English Historian)

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