Pranayama For High Blood Pressure

How Breathing Techniques work

Get familiar with yoga breathing exercises, abdominal breathing and alternate nostril breathing. Sanskrit words of yogic breathing like pranayama yoga, ujjayi, kapalbhati and kapalabhati.

Pranayama comes from the sanskrit word Prana and is a word which we shall call Energy. Pranayama or right breathing can help you lower high blood pressure. It can also prevent high blood pressure and other diseases. In fact studies have shown that upto 80% of illness can be eliminated through right breathing techniques. The breath or Prana is the key link between the body, the mind and the emotions. Attention to the rhythms of the breath and their effect on health was part of the ancient knowledge right living.

Lungs as a purifier

The lungs are one of the most important sites of elimination of impurities from the body. Not only is carbon dioxide ( the most abundant impurity produced in the body ) removed through expiration, but many other waste products ( around 250), albeit in smaller amounts, are also eliminated from the body through the lungs.

Use Your Lungs

We would generally use only about 30% of our lung capacity. Imagine the waste in resources ! Breathing exercises or Pranayama are traditional and highly effective practices. They allow most efficient use of the lungs and effectively elminate impurities from the body.

H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar about Pranayama

(with Alternate Nostrils breathing, which is also called Nadishodhan in sanskrit)

When your right nostril is predominant or more active, then the rate of metabolism is twice as much! (Guruji asked doctors present there to take this up as a topic for research) So when the right nostril is active, food intake is called for! Or Knowledge can be shared.

When left nostril is active, then it is appropriate for singing, dancing, music and meditation. No talk is required or less talk is preferred.

Then there are 5 Upa Pranas – or sub energies, and these are responsible for burping, sneezing, yawning, hiccups, twitching of eyes etc. (I did not get all the names but last 2 were Devadatta and Dhananjaya)

It is a deep knowledge – how these Pancha (5) Pranas and Upa Pranas enter the body and leave the body. Amazing is the realm of Prana. If you master this energy, you would gain a lot of knowledge on life and environment.

In old days or ancient days, beloved or sweetheart was called as Pancha Prana – You are my heartbeat or sweetheart used to be ‘You are my Pancha Prana’

Energy flows through our body in 186000 different channels or nadis and each of this channel or nadi has a specific purpose or function!

This is just to bring to awareness that knowledge on Prana is so vast, what we think we know on breath is nothing!

Lower Blood Pressure with Pranayama

Rhythmic breathing techniques can balance the energies in the body. A good side effect for breathing techniques is 'lower blood pressure' or 'normal blood pressure'.

Pranayama - of the Art of Breathing Course

Sudarsan kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath which harmonise the body, mind and emotions. This unique breathing technique eliminates stress, fatigue and unpleasant or negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression. It leaves you calm yet energized, focused and yet relaxed.

Emotions effecting the breathing pattern are the following: when irritable or angry the breath comes in short quick cycles. When sad or upset: the breath is in unusually long and deep cycles.

Sudarsan Kriya® - Science of Breath

According to the yogic science of breath, impurities which accumulate in the cells cause sluggishness and promote disease. Sudarsan kriya techniques oxygenates the cells and rapidly flushes out impurities. Physically the cells are vitalized; emotionally, one feels a sense of balance and contentment.

Experience the power of rhythmic breathing. Breath is the link between the body and the mind. As you you read, when you are angry the breath is short and fast. When you are sad, the outbreath is long and heavy. Thus with pranayma, you can learn to skillyfully change the way you feel. Learn to release the negative emotions called stress, anger, anxiety, depression and worry and leave the mind in a state of peace and become relaxed and energized.

Get Back To Your Natural Rhythm

This is where Sudarsan Kriya comes in. Just as there are rhythms in nature, both day and night and change of seasons, similarly there is a rhythm in the body, mind and emotions. When these rhythms get disturbed, maybe due to overworking or through food or lifestyle habits, we feel stressed and unhappy and become ill. Sudarsan kriya harmonizes the whole system cleansing the daily accumulated stresses. You will then feel happy and healthy again.

Millions Have Benefited

Millions of people from all walks of life have benefited from the healing power of the Sudarsan Kriya Pranayama. Villagers, corporate employees, homemakers, teenagers, trauma victims, soldiers, leaders in business, Governments officials, prisoners, factory workers, university students, you name them ! they all bear testimony to the numerous benefits of this powerful breathing technique called Sudarsan Kriya Pranayama.

In Sanskrit Su means proper, and darshan means vision and kriya means purifying practice and the Sudarsan kriya is exactly that - a purifying practice.

    Independant research has shown that Sudarshan Kriya and its accompanying practices may significantly do the following:
  • Reduce levels of stress (reduce cortisol - the "stress" hormone)
  • Benefit the immune system
  • Reduce cholesterol
  • Relieve anxiety and depression (mild, moderate and severe)
  • Increase antioxidant protection
  • Enhance brain function (increased mental focus, calmness and recovery from stressful stimuli)
  • Enhance health, well-being and peace of mind

Information on research conducted into the health benefits of the Art of Living breathing exercises: The Science of Breath Brochure: (pdf doc) Recently published article on yoga breathing and post-traumatic stress: [Patricia L. Gerbarg and Richard P. Brown (Oct. 2005). Yoga: A breath of relief for Hurricane Katrina refugees. Current Psychiatry 4, 55-67. Article at Current Psychiatry Online]

We need to do a cleansing process within ourselves. In sleep we get rid of fatigue, but the deeper stresses remain in our body. Sudarsan kriya cleanses the system from the inside. The breath has a great secret to offer. - H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

(Here is an article from The New York Times about H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar )

Attend Pranayama - Art of Breathing Courses

Regular weekend or 4 day courses will be held from April in Amsterdam. You are welcome to register for these courses which are held every month. The 4 days are from Thursday to Sunday. During this course you will learn all the breathing techniques and will be able to continue your practice daily at home. For information please contact us.

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