About Omron Blood Pressure Cuffs

Omron blood pressure cuffs: It is important to have the right fitting cuffs to take accurate readings. There is no doubt that this is paramount to exactly what your blood pressure readings will be. A home blood pressure monitor with the right cuffs can be a lifesaver.

Doctors commonly find that their patients have abnormally high blood pressure readings when they measure blood pressure even if they don’t suffer from the condition normally. Most will admit that this is due to a combination of situational factors, especially if the patient has had to rush to make their appointment or is worried about their reading. It could also be due to ill fitting cuffs.

Using a home blood pressure monitor can avoid your pressure shooting up as a result of the doctor’s appointment that is meant to help you. More accurate readings can be taken if you’re in a comfortable familiar environment like your home. Also, many users find that they can have peace of mind by checking their pressure regularly, and use a blood pressure monitor to learn which parts of their day to day routine are the most damaging to their blood pressure levels.

Using inappropriate cuffs can distort blood pressure readings.

The Legacy of Omron

You might be wondering why Omron are the manufacturer of choice when it comes to home blood pressure monitors and cuffs. The answer is simple: Omron are the number one worldwide supplier and they proudly claim that “as of September 2009, 100,000,000 units are being used”, including portable wrist-attached monitors and blood pressure monitoring cuffs. Perhaps most impressive is the knowledge that Omron primarily manufactured blood pressure monitoring equipment for use in hospitals, so they certainly know their stuff!

There are plenty of other manufacturers available who may be worth considering, especially as Omron blood pressure monitoring equipment are good quality and therefore more expensive than the average. However, they have a wide range of monitors, including Omron blood pressure cuffs in an extra large size to fit around people with much larger upper arms. The Omron blood pressure monitors have an easy to read LCD screen and measure around either the wrist of upper arm, with more accurate readings from the latter.

The Right Cuff Choice

When it comes to the use of blood pressure cuffs, one size does not fit all ! So it is important to be able to choose the right size. Take your blood pressure readings when the cuffs are fastened firmly. Omron products are of high quality and we recommend Omron blood pressure cuffs.

Whatever brand you choose to buy, keep in mind that a home blood pressure monitor with right fitting cuffs could do much more for your health than you might expect!

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