Normal Adult Blood Pressure

It is good to understand you normal adult blood pressure range. The normal adult blood pressure reading depends greatly on the individual’s situation, gender and age, but the ideal pressure for an average adult is between 120 – 130 over 80 – 85. If your blood pressure is below this range, it may be lower than average but this is not always harmful to you. Generally low blood pressure is beneath 90/60, but this may be inherited or genetic and can actually be beneficial to your health because no extra strain is being placed on your body. The first signs you will see if your blood pressure is too low will be dizziness and a lack of energy.

If your blood pressure reading is higher than 140/90 over an extended period of time, you’re likely to have high blood pressure. The dangers of high blood pressure or ‘Hypertension’ are that your blood is exerting a lot of force on your blood vessels, which can eventually damage the heart and other organs.

What is the Normal Adult Blood Pressure for Me?

Many studies have been performed to discover why some people have higher blood pressure than others when they live similar lifestyles. Bupa have observed that because of the loss of elasticity of the walls of blood vessels that comes naturally with age, older people are more likely to have high blood pressure. 3/10 of UK adults have high blood pressure, but the same survey taken with over 70’s found that as many as 7/10 suffered from it.


Gender can play a key part in blood pressure levels, especially when considered by age. Pre-menopausal women are considerably less likely to suffer from high blood pressure levels than men for example. However, once women begin the menopause, their blood pressure overtakes that of men of the same age, suggesting that some of the key hormones such as androgens that are no longer released after the menopause have an important effect on blood pressure.

Taking these factors into consideration, the normal adult blood pressure for you might not be 120/80 unless you are young, female and have no history of abnormal blood pressure in your family! There’s never any harm in changing your lifestyle to live more healthily and to reduce the chances of suffering high or low blood pressure which can lead to heart complications.

Healthy Living

The Blood Pressure Association contributes high blood pressure to a number of unhealthy lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, you’re likely to see one of your own vices in this list!

  • Salt
  • Missing Your Five A Day
  • No Exercise
  • Obesity
  • Excessive Alcohol

The primary offender for helping you develop high blood pressure is salt, because it has turned many a healthy individual into a hypertension sufferer through overuse. People add salt to their food to give it more flavour, but eventually they begin to add more and more to the point that it eclipses the original taste of the food. Excluding the overuse of salt, perhaps you feel a pang of guilt about one of the other causes of high blood pressure? Healthy living is the fastest, most guaranteed path to keeping your blood pressure at a normal level, or bringing it down.

High Blood Pressure Help

Article From The New York Times Normal Blood Pressure Level

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