Morning Hypertension

You might be suffering from 'morning hypertension', if as the title suggests, you have particularly high blood pressure in the morning but not during the rest of the day. When you rise in the morning, take time to first sit up. Take a few slow and deep breaths, and then slowly stand. Do not jump out of bed !

Blood pressure naturally increases slightly when we wake because the brain releases chemicals such as adrenalin into the body to help us become alert and wake up. This automatically raises blood pressure, but to a safe level which gives you a burst of energy anywhere from 6am to 12pm according to the habits of your body.


However, when your blood pressure becomes too high at any point in the morning, it leaves you open to the risks of strokes. Individuals with a rise in blood pressure in the morning are almost twice as likely to suffer a stroke as those who are subject to other types of hypertension.

People with diabetes, obesity and high levels of cholesterol are particularly susceptible to have raised blood pressure in the morning, as are those who are older than 70 years of age and have used or still use tobacco and alcohol.

Buying a home blood pressure monitor is a simple way to self check, but always seek your doctor’s advice too.

How to cope

If you have high blood pressure, there are plenty of natural ways to solve the problem without turning to medication! Simply cutting back on harmful substances like nicotine, salt and fatty foods can go a long way to lowering blood pressure.


Try exercising more often to strengthen your heart muscles to cope – though probably not in the morning when your pressure is already high enough!

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