Michelle Obama, Childhood Obesity

Prevention of High Blood Pressure

Michelle Obama is Campaigning against Child Obesity. In 2010, the US First Lady, took on this Campaign whose main objective is to tackle head on massive problem of childhood obesity amongst children. Obesity is the single most important factor that leads to high blood pressure later in life. Michelle Obama continues to get support for such efforts which concern nearly every family in America.

The effects of obesity on its many victims make this a very emotive issue and Mrs. Obama has avoided suggesting any extremist measures. Rather, her campaign is very moderate as she suggests things that almost any parent can identify with as well as effect without too radically changing what the children are used to.

This programme aims to bring back the active lifestyles that children in the past had. It recommends getting children to undertake more physical exercises than they do today. While children in the past would be walking to school and spend many hours outdoors running around, swimming or biking, today many will be sitting in front of the TV or playing some computer game. The campaign recommends that parents observe the amount of time their kids are spending pursuing these sedentary activities with the intention of increasing the time spent on strenuous physical activities that will help improve their health.

Mrs. Obama’s campaign also seeks to monitor what the children eat, especially what is served in school kitchens. Admitting that children really have no control over what they eat, the campaign wants school authorities to serve more nutritional foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and to make all efforts to remove or at least limit the quantity of junk food given to children.

The clever use of salts and sugar to chips and other snack foods by Food manufacturers make them more appealing and addictive. It will be interesting to watch how the big food industries will change their ways and choose to sell healthier options. Sugar known as white poison is being used in large quantities in sweets and chocolates and all children's favorite snack. We look forward to the day when this will change.

Some of the recommendations include using school gardens to educate children in healthy eating. Technical assistance to be provided to school about how a cafeteria and lunch room environment can support and encourage a healthful meal.

Michelle Obama is the first most influential person to tackle the big food companies head on. She has urged them to undertake efforts to reformulate their products. This is a big step indeed and will go a long way in the prevention of high blood pressure.

As First Lady she is said to be doing every she can to keep this issue at the forefront of the discussion in American Society to ensure that American children have the healthy lives and the bright future that they deserve.

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