Menka from Amsterdam would like to share some news about salt !

by Menka Manglani

I have studied diet and nutrition and would like to share this with you..

Excess salt which is sodium chloride can have adverse effect on our blood pressure.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting our daily sodium intake to no more than a teaspoon of salt. I'm sure we use more than that ! A huge quantity of salt is used as preservatives. Salt is added to most ready, over the counter processed foods. If we happen to read the small print, we will notice that salt is on the ingredients list of most commonly consumed foods such as even breads and breakfast cereals !

For better health, it is important to cut down on fast foods, to limit the intake of salt from our diet and use table salt very sparingly. Sea salt can be a better option, as it is natural and not too refined.

Hope this helps !

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