MBT Walking Shoes

Walk Your Way To Lower Blood Pressure

If you consider the top rated walking shoes manufacturers available in the UK, MBT walking shoes are certain to come in the top five. Exercising regularly is important to lower blood pressure. If your usual level of exercise is low and you find it difficult to fit in any extra-curricular exercise, then these walking shoes are definitely a good starting point.

Recently they have built a reputation as a celebrity favourite, but like a lot of fads there’s always a danger that the celebrities are just jumping on the bandwagon. However, MBT’s reasoning makes a lot of sense, and a similar approach to building muscles just with regular walking and the right shoes has been taken onboard by Avia, another walking shoe manufacturer.

Natural Masai Technology

MBT is short for Masai Barefoot Technology, which conjures up images of sandy terrain and sprinting Masai warriors. In fact, they have taken their inspiration from the Masai tribes, who have powerful legs and back muscles simply by navigating their natural terrain. After much work, MBT identified that the human anatomy of the foot caused a natural instability while walking over rough ground. To keep the body stable, leg and foot muscles must flex and stretch. Since the majority of us spend our days on flat roads, pavements and floors, our feet don’t have to help us balance as much as they once did for our ancestors. By creating MBT walking shoes with rounded souls, the company has developed a shoes that forces us to use our leg, buttock and back muscles to balance once more, effectively giving us a mini work out while we walk.

The Benefits

Obviously, MBT shoes give quite a gentle work out, but if you’re trying to lose weight gradually, that could be the perfect option. A lack of exercise leads directly to obesity, but it also allows the heart muscles to weaken and that can raise your blood pressure. Any GP out there will tell you that regular and steady exercise like walking and hiking is the perfect way to lower your blood pressure without changing your life dramatically, and MBT seem to have offered a way to get twice the exercise without changing your routine.

MBT walking shoes certainly do strengthen your muscles – tests have proven that people wearing their shoes get stronger muscles in all parts of their body that are used when they walk. However, MBT shoes aren’t quite as suitable for everyday use as they are advertised to be. The unstable sole make them dangerous for running in on slippery ground and you shouldn’t launch yourself into wearing them everyday immediately.

To Lower Blood Pressure

There’s no doubt about it that MBT shoes are one of the easiest ways to work out and tone your body. They aren’t suitable for running or hiking so they only cater for the gentler end of walking exercise. They are good for a long term walking goal.

To decide whether MBT shoes are a good investment to improve your health, consider the amount of walking you do per day, and if you have enough time to fit in some more intense exercise. If your usual level of exercise is low and you find it difficult to fit in any extra-curricular exercise, then these walking shoes are definitely a good starting point. Walking is definitely one of the best ways to lower blood pressure naturally.

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