Lowering High Blood Pressure

Lowering high blood pressure with Ayurveda consultation and Ayurvedic Cooking.

If you find an Ayurveda Doctor near you, you can have them feel your pulse and diagnose your body type and imbalances if any and they would even be able to tell if you were heading towards hypertension.

I was introduced to Ayurvedic cooking while on a yoga retreat in California. Myself and my partner came to yoga quite late in life – we had both retired and were trying not to grow old too disgracefully! Having lived quite a hedonistic lifestyle we were hoping that by doing the right things now we could make up for all we had put our bodies through during the eighties and nineties!

“Stan had been diagnosed with hypertension,” explained Maurice. “And so I had convinced him to slow down, drink less and take up yoga.”

We both took to yoga wholeheartedly. It made us feel more relaxed and more energetic than we had done in years, which is why we went on retreat.

“It wasn't all about yoga classes and meditation,” said Maurice. “We also sat in on lectures and group talks about spirituality and ayurveda medicine. We were also encouraged to follow an ayurvedic diet to maximize the health benefits of the yoga.”

Maurice and I learned that our dosha or body type influenced the way our bodies digested and used the food we ate. If our diet was out of balance then our health would suffer as a result.

“Stan was very obviously a kapha body type,” said Maurice. “He is so upbeat all the time and is prone to gaining weight easily. Whereas I discovered I had a vatta dosha – I have a slender frame and can't sit still for five minutes!”

Once we were back home we researched recipes and food lists on the internet so that we could tailor our diets to our body types. When we cook we try to make a main dish that combines foods both of us can eat, and we also have a side dish each that fits with our own individual requirements.

“A typical meal for us,” says Maurice. “Would be a main dish of vegetable and lentil curry with basmati rice and turkey or chicken tikka kebab skewers (white meat for me and dark for Stan). For dessert we will often have fresh fruits such as apricots or mango.”

Lowering High Blood Pressure With Ayurveda

We have found that ayurvedic cooking is really not as complicated as you might first imagine. Knowing which foods can cause an imbalance is simple – you just write out a list and stick it on the kitchen wall to remind you! What we have noticed is how much healthier our diet is now, we eat whole grains and legumes in quantities we would never have dreamed of before.

"Stan's hypertension has been easy to control through diet and exercise,” says Maurice. “He does not need any medication and we are healthier now in our late fifties than we ever were when we were younger."

Ayurvedic diet is very popular in India with the right combinations of herbs and spices, it does and it is a diet worth considering in lowering high blood pressure. For instance chillies help to get rid of cholesterol and excess fat from the body. To cool the effect of hot chillies, fresh coriander leaves are used in most curries. This is just an example. 

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