Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The Effective And Healthy Way

Here are some ways to lower blood pressure naturally with the right foods, exercise and intelligent ways to handle stress.

Foods Can Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

All foods, when consumed in the right quantity and at the right intervals can be like medicine to the body.


When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is right, medicine is of no need. _ From Ayurveda

Minimize Sodium Intake

Reduce the amount of salt (sodium) intake in your diet. High intake of sodium leads to corresponding increase in systolic blood pressure as the body cells strive to reach osmotic balance. Reducing the level of salt in your diet has immense benefits to your blood pressure levels. Packaged and Processed store foods are high in sodium. Avoiding this can help lower blood pressure naturally and quite easily. If you eat processed foods, select only those with the lowest salt level labels.

Eat Potassium-rich Food

Sodium and Potassium are useful in cell communication and health. However, while sodium increases blood pressure, potassium reduces it. Therefore, a careful selection of foods rich in potassium will lower blood pressure. They include green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, bananas, whole grain meals and melons among others.

Already a whopping 80 to 90 % of the world's population use natural medicines for primary healthcare !!

Shed Any Extra Weight

High blood pressure is sometimes referred to as a lifestyle condition. Why? Because the extra pounds you put on cause hypertension. Shedding some weight has the concomitant effect of lowering blood pressure naturally. Proper weight requires that you eat proper diet (avoid junk food), exercise well, and manage stress. Interestingly, these are some of the other factors that determine the state of your blood pressure.

Exercise Regularly

There is immense power in body exercise. When you perform regular body exercises, you improve blood circulation throughout your circulatory system and this has two important implications. First, it helps burn out cholesterol and bad fats in your body and secondly, it cleanses the veins so as to prevent deposits on vein surfaces. Consequently, it will lower high blood pressure naturally.

Go Easy on Alcohol

Alcohol when taken in right quantities is healthy for your body. However, it becomes poisonous when taken beyond certain levels. Taking small quantities helps you lower the blood pressure but excessive drinking has the reverse effect. Therefore, it is advisable to limit alcohol consumption. As there are variations in levels of alcohol tolerance according to gender and race, it is impossible to recommend here the right quantity of alcohol for you but you can visit your doctor for the right advice.

Avoid Tobacco

Smoking tobacco or inhaling smoke puts people at risk of high blood pressure besides other health problems. Avoid smoking.

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

In some individuals, caffeine is also a cause for high blood pressure. Taking drinks with caffeine can therefore increase blood pressure. If you check your pressure 30-40 minutes after taking the drink and find that your pressure has increased, please stop taking such drinks in the future.

Handle Stress Intelligently

In this age we cannot live without stress. Stress or anxiety increases pressure albeit temporarily when we do not know how to deal with it. Several breathing techniques, yoga and meditation can help you to handle stress. Take time to reflect on the cause of stress in a meditative way; this will enable you deal with it thereby lowering pressure. H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankari says that neither at home nor in school are people taught to handle their emotions. Now we are lucky to know that Meditation, Yoga and Breathing techniques are magical tools that can help you to handle stress.

Save for familial high blood pressure, most factors that cause it, come from our own way of living and lead to multiple health problems. The above factors will help to lower high blood pressure naturally and without drugs.

A great natural treatment method is Ayurveda. See here for more details on Ayurveda

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