Typical Low Blood Pressure Causes

Healthy Low Blood Pressure Causes

Some of the typical low blood pressure causes are not so obvious. I have been practising yoga for a long time and my blood pressure is on the low side. Yoga and Meditation can be two of the healthy low blood pressure causes ! In fact, healthy people who engage in regular exercises, yoga and meditation, and eat proper diets often have lower blood pressure. If your blood pressure goes well below 120/80 then, this is something to watch out for.

The Not So Healthy Causes

Low Blood Pressure is also known as hypotension and it is as you know, the exact opposite of hypertension. While the excessive lowering of blood pressure could trigger symptoms such as confusion and dizziness, most people with this condition can hardly be aware of it.

Inadequate Nutrition

As you might imagine, the leading cause of low blood pressure is improper nutrition. When you feed your body with a diet that is faulty, the tissues that form the walls of your blood vessels become flabby. In this state, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues is inhibited, making them over-stretched. Yet this problem is straightforward to fix, because the nutrients necessary for healthy tissues are easily obtainable. A faulty diet is one which is deficient in vitamins B and C, proteins and calories.

Drinking Too Little Water

One sure way to keep low blood pressure at bay is by keeping the body properly hydrated. In fact, other than faulty nutrition, the other leading cause of hypotension is dehydration. The body could get severely dehydrated because of diarrhea, vomiting or excessive exercise. Symptoms of hypotension include feelings of dizziness and, in extreme cases, fainting. When the dehydration is severe, it could lead to acidiosis (the presence of excessive acid in the blood) and it could also affect the performance of vital organs such as the kidneys. Extreme consequences of dehydration-induced low blood pressure include fainting, getting into a coma and, sometimes, death.

Low blood pressure could also be caused by bleeding. While moderate bleeding could be harmless, severe bleeding, such as that caused by surgical complications or trauma, could lead to a rapid depletion of blood in the body leading to hypotension.

Closely related to this is injury or inflammation of certain body organs such as the pancreas. When a person is suffering from acute pancreatitis, the volume of blood is depleted because fluids enter the affected tissues and the abdominal cavity, leaving the blood vessels dehydrated.

Hypotension is also caused by psychological pressure. When you are exposed to traumatizing events, or are the victim of situations which cause emotional instability, the risk of developing low blood pressure is quite high. Feelings of anger, resentment and constant frustration should therefore be avoided if you are to keep your blood pressure normal.


The risk of developing low blood pressure is particularly great in old age. Older people who already have high blood pressure sometimes experience a sudden drop in blood pressure, especially after meals. For pregnant women, the risk of hypotension is always high, especially during the second trimester. People who take pills for high blood pressure have to be cautious as they age. In the advanced years the blood pressure comes down, and it is not wise to take pills for it.

Some medications also can lead to low blood pressure. Leading in this category are diuretics and medications used to treat high blood pressure. Some of the medicine used to treat psychiatric disorders and conditions such as erectile dysfunction could also lead to hypotension.

Not consuming enough nutritious foods seems to be the biggest of low blood pressure causes. So simply eat a good diet and observe a healthy lifestyle.

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