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My blood pressure has always been on the low side. This is because I practice meditation regularly, and though I don't do my Yoga asanas so regularly, the little I do, does contribute as well... and my diet is vegetarian. So all these factors combinied, my blood pressure remains on the low side without really trying. Sometimes though, if I do not eat well nor drink enough water, I might feel weak, but nothing worse than that - Shankari

Have you heard of hypotension ? This word, which is the medical term for low blood pressure, hardly gets the attention it is due, as we are mostly concerned with hypertension. Yet it is important to understand the symptoms and causes of low blood pressure. In most cases, just going on a low blood pressure diet can help raise the blood pressure back to normal. Just as blood pressure rises above the optimal level for people suffering high blood pressure, it also falls below the optimal level for sufferers of hypotension.

Whenever the reading goes below 90/60 mmHg, you are considered to be suffering from hypotension.

Blood pressure of 90/60 mmHg is not too far removed from the normal pressure, and is actually considered low, but normal, and is therefore not a cause for alarm.

Pressures below 90/60 level should be attended to immediately.

When the blood pressure falls to 70/50 mmHg, you will experience feelings of general fatigue which you cannot explain. Should blood pressure fall below this level (and reach 60/45 mmHg, for example), you will start to experience frequent bouts of dizziness, and you could actually faint.

In the most severe cases, blood pressure could fall as low as 50/35 mmHg. This is a critical point.

Except in the very extreme cases such as the ones highlighted above, hypotension is not dangerous unless it is masking an underlying problem. Where it is not accompanied by other problems, it will not be necessary to get the condition treated.

When your readings are low, consult a physician, since it could point to some other complications. When not attended to quickly, it leads to the disruption of blood supply to the body’s vital organs. You do not want to wait until this happens.

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