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The No-Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook

I love this book on low sodium recipes. The No Salt Lowest Sodium Cookbook by Donald A Gazzaniga book is a classic database of hundreds of popular recipes that assist in the battle against hypertension. This book seems to be done with lots of market research and diagnosis. Donald A Gazzaniga has come up with a fantastic solution with diet through some tasty recopies.

This book contains recipes for maintaining better heart by reducing the intake of salt. Donald A Gazzaniga was diagnosed by a doctor with congestive heart failure and was heading for heart transplant. His doctor had suggested him to maintain a lower salt intake. This was the best effectual medical treatment that could ever be for his recovery. He believed that cutting out the intake of salt could be the best possible way to have a low sodium diet. Donald then came up with some of the best recipies with low sodium, less than around 500 mg.

Today Donald’s name is not amongst those who have had heart transplant operations:) and his doctors firmly believe that the changes he made in his diet played a lead role in his recovery.

The book encouring in understanding the importance of low sodium recipes. The importance of controlling heart failures and reducing problems with hypertension with diet.

The book also contains an introduction of Kaiser Permanente Foundation by Dr. Sandra Barbour. The book has listed out some low-sodium recipes and also mentions easy ways to find out low sodium preparations and food stuffs for self. It is a guideline for people willing to find out low sodium recipes in restaurants and hotels. Accurate contents added in any recipe will still be able to offer you perfect taste. It doesn’t mean low salt or sodium offers tasteless food. Tasty, easy to prepare and finger licking, low sodium recopies are mentioned in the book by Donald A Gazzaniga.

The No Salt Lowest Sodium Cookbook by Donald A Gazzaniga book mentions a 28-day low sodium food planner for those who wish to control heart breaks and lower down the possibilities of hypertension.

The recipes in the book are really helpful in dealing with heart health which is crucial to control high blood pressure. The book has mentioned some daily recipes as well as those suitable when you have more time available. If you are out for a holiday and if you wish to continue your low sodium diet, you can plan a recipe that is mentioned in this book, The No Salt Lowest Sodium Cookbook.

Everything is clearly marked. You can easily check out the amount of vitamins, minerals, cholesterol content, caloric content. You will also learn to use the great ingredients.

The No Salt Lowest Sodium Cookbook is indeed highly recommended !

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