Low Salt Recipes

High Blood Pressure Cookbook by

Popular Chef Tarla Dalal

For low salt recipes from India, this book is a winner. Tarla Dalal is my favorite Indian chef. She is quite creative and experiments here with worldwide recipes also. This book is especially made to help lower blood pressure with tasty eating...

The High Blood Pressure cookbook - low salt recipes by Tarla Dalal book portrays some of the best low salt recipes that are effective in controlling the blood pressure.

The book explains one of the common causes of high blood pressure, which is excessive intake of salt or sodium. An unfortunate fact is that people do find it difficult to reduce the quantity of salt in their meals, and later end up with problems like high blood pressure. There is a general belief that less salt means less taste. This is specially true in India. Tasty curries and snacks with loads of salt. This book portrays all kinds of recipes using less salt. So it is possible to eat healthy and delicious food. Infact, according to Ayurveda, 'Eat tasty food, which will be recieved well by body and mind'. Which definitely means there is no nead to eat bland food.

Low salt recipes don’t reduce the taste and quality of food. Right from the breakfast that you like to have to the lunch and dinner recipes, all of them are mentioned here in the book. The book High Blood Pressure by Tarla Dalal talks about how all meals, and dishes like soups, salads, side-dishes, desserts, and breads can be cooked with less salt and yet maintain the taste. With this you can easily avoid the excessive quantity of sodium ini your meals.

The salads that you eat will taste good even if you add just a little bit of salt on them. The book also showcases some low salt options for pickles, chutneys and other such recipes which usually contain a lot of salt. The book is especially written keeping in mind people who have hypertension, but it can benefit anyone who wishes to follow a healthy diet. ou will also be able to understand the early stages of hypertension, and be able to prevent it.

There is a whole section explaining details about high blood pressure, which makes this book one of the favorite books of Tarla Dalal, in India. You will learn a lot in the book about the effects of intake of higher amount of salt on your body and why it is absolutely necessary to reduce sodium intake. The role of sodium is explained well in some chapters.

You can learn how just a reduction of salt and sodium can contribute to a healthy blood pressure. A simple message is portrayed in the book saying 'eat healthy'.

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This High Blood Pressure cookbook - low salt recipes by Tarla Dalal mentions lots of recipes that are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as some healthy snacks. A separate section on high blood pressure and foods that are suitable in such situations will help you a lot in fulfilling your taste. Around 40 tasty recipes are presented in the book by Tarla Dalal.

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