Hypertension Symptoms: The Johns Hopkins Complete Home Guide to Symptoms & Remedies

by James

The John Hopkins Complete Guide to Symptoms & Remedies
Author: From the Editors of The John Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50
Reviewed by James (healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com)

I've found this to be one of the very few books that talk about the symptoms of high blood pressure, and I've read a lot on the subject! Most doctors and medical authors are too couched in their views when it comes to blood pressure symptoms, preferring instead to use the excuse that there are no outward symptoms. This book sticks its neck out and says there are. Of course I do agree with the authors as well, that if you suspect you have high blood pressure you should always get a proper diagnosis of hypertension confirmed by a doctor.

This is a book that is very well organized and easy to navigate through, and it is not just about blood pressure – this book is over 700 pages, it covers just about everything and is a complete guide to more than five hundred symptoms. Which makes it an excellent reference book you just can't help turning to.

With contributions from 47 of the top specialists at America's foremost medical institution there is a wealth of knowledge here that money normally can't buy. It uses symptom charts to help narrow down possible diagnoses – which are then explained thoroughly. I remember my Mom having a similar book when we were kids, but it never went into so much detail as this.

After you have found a possible diagnosis you turn to the part of the book that goes into more detail. Here it covers all the latest scientific thinking about the condition and the treatment options available.

This book offers advice on prevention – so for hypertension it makes it clear that this is either the result of years of unhealthy living or one of several other factors and illnesses which can lead to it. And, it suggests strategies you can adopt to lower your blood pressure, such as lose weight, take exercise, eat a low sodium diet or if necessary take medication under the supervision of your doctor.

It is a must have book for those who need to know what their symptoms might mean in terms of their health. Within minutes you can understand what your symptoms are and what you can do about it. This book will help to get rid of minor ailments and keep your body completely healthy. It's a truly valuable book for the entire family.

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