Hypertension Causes In African Americans -

Reasons For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension causes are virtually the same everywhere in the world.

Lack of exercise, usually as you grow older leads to an increase in fat and decrease in muscle strength.

Excess fat build up is not necessarily due to bad diet, but it will be wise to consider a healthier diet along with more physical activity.

Why are blood pressure rates higher amongst African Americans? Hypertension causes are many. Hypertension has been called the “silent killer” because it can cause damage to many body organs without any symptoms. Left uncontrolled, it may lead to strokes, heart diseases, kidney failure, vision problems and even death.

Hypertension Research

African Americans have a higher rate of high blood pressure than other races. The Center for disease Control in America carried out research and found out that one major reason why African Americans suffer high blood pressure is due to high levels of uric acid. The level of uric acid in the body is influenced by your diet. If you eat large amounts of protein you will massively increase your uric acid levels. Your uric acid is usually eliminated through urine. When excessive amounts of uric acid are produced in your body and the kidney fails to remove enough, it builds up in the blood causing hypertension.

African American Food

Blood pressure rates are also higher amongst African Americans because most of them eat foods which are high in fat and calories. When excessive fat is stored in the body it leads to obesity. Foods which you should avoid include soy sauce, lunch meat, canned foods and fast foods. These foods are rich in fat and they increase the risk for high blood pressure levels. Alternative foods which are healthy are fruits and vegetables. Eat fresh fruits like mangoes, berries, carrots and oranges and they will reduce the chance of you getting diseases like eye and heart problems. Whenever possible, processed foods should be avoided. Furthermore, the lifestyles which African Americans are used to leads to high levels of hypertension.

One way in general, would be to go on a low salt diet.

Drinking is common among this group and too much alcohol raises the blood pressure tremendously. Not only does it add calories to your body it may lead to kidney disease and an early death. If you really have to drink, it should be a moderate amount. For example, a man should drink not more than two drinks per day, and a woman should not have more than one drink per day. Pregnant women should skip the drink altogether.

African Americans, mainly because of historical reasons that make them resentful, develop anger rather quickly and this leads to stress which raises their blood pressure to high levels. Mental tension stimulates the secretion of undesirable juices within the body thus making the arteriolar resistance to increase, leading to high blood pressure.

The level of health awareness among African Americans is also low, and most do not regularly check their blood pressure. Some of the people suffering hypertension are not aware they have it and this inhibits any attempts at correction. If you go to the doctor and get treatment early, it could save your.

For African Americans and other highly stressed people, pressure could be relieved by being physically active. You can begin a moderate level of activity such as thirty to sixty minutes of walking, dancing, jumping or just gardening. Instead of using the elevators when you are going to your office you can use the stairs. These simple exercises will help you burn a lot of calories thus reducing the levels of blood pressure in the body. Hypertension causes as you have seen are many.

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