Hypertension And Pregnancy

Why Control High Blood Pressure

Late Motherhood

All mothers-to-be would love to go through an easy pregnancy. But sometimes because of modern lifestyle with its lack of hard physical activity and late motherhood one needs to be aware and take precautions.

Regular practice of gentle exercises, yoga and meditation on a daily basis, will ensure a healthy blood pressure during pregnancy.

High blood pressure is the most common complication to arise during a late pregnancy, affecting between 1% and 5% of pregnancies.

Hypertension during pregnancy can be roughly put into two groups. Women who are already hypertensive when they become pregnant and those who become hypertensive in later stages of pregnancy.

The natural strain placed on the heart during pregnancy coupled with other factors make high blood pressure more likely. Severe hypertension is classified as anything over 160/110 mmHg. This is a particularly high measurement considering the ideal blood pressure in an adult is 120/90, but blood pressure will inevitably rise a little towards the end of pregnancy even in a perfectly healthy woman. The average experience of fluctuations is for the pressure to actually fall a little during the beginning and towards the middle of pregnancy and then to rise towards the end.

Pregnant Women Contract Different Types Of Hypertension:

  1. Pre-existing hypertension which implies the expectant mother must have high blood pressure at least 20 weeks before the birth or even as a pre-existing condition
  2. Pregnancy induced hypertension that occurs after 20 weeks Curiously, women with pre-existing hypertension are at a much lower risk of complications during pregnancy and during birth than those that develop it towards the end of the gestational period.

Prevent high blood pressure with aspirin in small and occasional doses or calcium supplements.

If a pregnant woman contracts severe hypertension, she will be treated with medication other than the standard treatment of ACE inhibitors because they may harm the baby.

During pregnancy it is wise to be under medical supervision if you need to.

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