How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally - My Story

My blood pressure story on how to lower blood pressure...

Straight from Wall Street, the home of High Blood Pressure!

"I came to the USA to work as a Computer Engineer, and soon found myself entrusted with a well-paid, but very demanding, Systems role. Working on a foreigner's H1B visa, I was coaxed on to the 'front line' of supporting a demanding and thinly-staffed Operations night shift in New York City.

We were responsible for the daily start-up of the computer systems which facilitate trading on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

I was in this 'big job' when I was first diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor said that my condition resulted from a combination of working at night in a mentally-taxing job, needing to eat sensibly and needing regular exercise.

I started taking prescription beta-blockers to help reduce my high blood pressure. This went on for two years. During that period, I managed to find a new work assignment on the day shift, and I increased my visits to the local swimming pool (where I would swim for 45 minutes continuously on each visit).

My high blood pressure began to fall

Another year went by. I had gravitated to generic beta-blockers, and continued with my swimming. Also I was maintaining a healthy weight. When the doctor checked my blood pressure again, it wasn't so high - I was back to normal. I definitely found that it benefits to exercise.

Since then, I returned to Europe and married a keen vegetarian. She was able to persuade me to join her in this healthy diet. My blood pressure has remained in the normal range. Also I feel much better when walking and during occasional swims.

In summary, I was helped a great deal by a gradual change of lifestyle, which allowed my high blood pressure to be lowered naturally. This led me to stop taking medication, with the approval of my ever-watchful doctor.

My wife and I are inspired to motivate you towards healthy living. We present here several top tips to know and understand how to lower blood pressure in a joyful and healthy way.

To your health !!


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