How To Become A Vegetarian Easily

How to become a vegetarian - and lower high blood pressure. Choose vegetarian options whenever possible. It does help to lose weight and lower hypertension. Here is a personal story...if you wish to become a vegetarian. You can do it too ! Choose easily digestable foods, freshly cooked foods, and nutritious alternatives.

"I embraced vegetarianism soon after meeting my wife-to-be. She encouraged me to adopt this diet for her own, conviction-based reasons. For me, it was a matter of "let's try it, it can do no harm".

Vegetarian diets also comes with huge and varied options to choose from. I started having a variety of healthy non-vegetarian dishes instead of meat. Try tofu instead of meat.

Giving Up Meat

As it happened, it was a good thing I gave up meat. My digestion isn't great, anyway; and digesting meat would sometimes be enough to put me to sleep. The focus on vegetables has made me feel more energetic. This is because it takes less time to digest a vegetarian meal, and the body does not use up a lot of energy for the digestive process.

My diet now is pretty diverse, and I feel better overall. I eat plenty of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, cereals and nuts; and supplement my food with oils and dietary tablets. Try flax seed oil and ghee !

More than 3 years have passed since I adopted the vegetarian diet. Initially, I did not give up fish entirely; now I rarely have fish. My wife does not eat eggs, but I do. So there is some degree of difference between us, but a consensus that we can do without meat.

I have stopped taking pills for high blood pressure, as my blood pressure levels have remained normal. So this is a great advantage.

Why Vegetarian

Vegetarian options are easier to digest, thus less strain on the body; can be quite tasty and more nutritious than a meat based diet.

Lose Weight...

One other interesting thing: Within a couple of months of eating a vegetarian diet, I lost a few kilos. I wasn't trying to lose weight, but it seemed to happen anyway. It was perhaps related to an increase in my metabolism, but possibly also I am taking in less fat without noticing. I can't promise you'll have the same experience as me. Mainly vegetarianism is worth trying because you'll feel better overall. My wife would add that you'll be doing the planet a favour ....

So How To Become A Vegetarian or something close ?

Having a healthy vegetarian breakfast with fruit, and protein rich nuts, seeds and tofu is a great way to start your day.

A good breakfast is also a great way to start the day well. Here are some breakfast ideas:

  • Fresh juices - home-made whenever possible
  • Sweet fruits which are ripe and juicy
  • Oats, cooked with raisins, prunes, figs or dates and fresh coconut
  • pancakes ( use flax seeds instead of egg)
  • Scrambled tofu

(1 tbs ground flax seeds + 3 tbs of water replaces 1 egg)

Finally, I wish you well in your quest for improved health. You too can do it, and improve your health !


Choose Variety...

Here's how to choose healthy vegetarian options and become a vegetarian if you wish to, and hope you get motivated !

If you are planning to become vegetarian, make the change gradually. Include more vegetarian choices with your meals. No single vegetarian food contains all the essential amino acids that you find in a meat based diet. Thus, you will have to include a variety of vegetarian foods in your diet to make up for this. Lots of nuts, seeds, healthy oils...

Something interesting...

The length of the intestines of carnivores, or meat eating animals is short, to allow the quick removal of the meat before it putrefies within the body. On the other hand, the human intestines, like those of herbivorous animals, is longer. This is designed for digesting vegetables, fruits and grains. So, if you eat meat, the food matter stays longer in the system, and tends to putrefy. Meat can take up to 24 hours to digest. Sometimes longer. This prolonged digestive process is additional strain for the body. Therefore, gradually reducing meat can reduce the work load for the body.

Follow our Action Plan and you will find many ways on improving your health and ways on how to become a vegetarian. Feel free to share with us your tips and ideas on how to become a vegetarian.

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