High Blood Pressure Prevention

Amongst The Young

Avoid High Blood Pressure - Healthy Childhood

The Campaign against Child Obesity is indeed indirectly connected to high blood pressure prevention.

Prevention is indeed Better than Cure.

Live a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy eating. This habit instilled in childhood can prevent high blood pressure and other diseases later in life.

Michelle Obama's - 'Let's Move'

As you might've read, in early 2010, the US First Lady, Michelle Obama started her 'Let’s Move Campaign' whose main objective was to tackle the huge problem of childhood obesity among American children. Those who have praised her efforts (there are some critics also), have taken note of the vast number of children who suffer weight related problems and the implications this has on the nation’s healthcare programs.

Children love their snacks and have their favorite brands. This change is not going to be easy, to begin with but is a good start. The biggest opponents could be the children, but it will hopefully work in the long run.

Exercise To Prevent High Blood Pressure

Being active is the most important factor to keep healthy. This cannot be stressed enough. Exercise and leading an active lifestyle can prevent disease. The heart is a muscle that thrives on an active lifestyle. The muscles get stronger and hence work more efficiently.

Healthy School Lunch

Mrs. Obama’s campaign also seeks to monitor what the children eat, especially what is served in school kitchens. Admitting that children really have no control over what they eat, the campaign wants school authorities to serve more nutritional foods, fresh fruits and vegetables and to make all efforts to remove or at least limit the quantity of junk food given to children.

Since children ultimately consume what the food manufacturers provide, Let’s Move has been working with the nation’s main food manufacturers in a bid to develop healthy alternatives to what is currently available. In particular, the campaign aims at reducing the amount of sugar in beverages that children consume. Some of the beverage companies that have been co-opted into this campaign have undertaken to clearly label their products with info on the calories contained in their products. By reducing the amount of added sugars that today’s children are consuming, the campaign hopes to reduce child obesity to about 5% by the year 2030.

Working with the huge conglomerates that make and advertise foods to children presents a challenge and Mrs. Obama’s campaign has avoided any government regulation for these manufacturers. On the contrary, her campaign has taken to talking with these players with the intention of getting them to self-regulate. The self-regulation the campaign hopes to achieve will cover both the contents of the products that these companies produce as well as the kind of advertisements they create aimed at children. Great work, is'nt this !

Obesity And High Blood Pressure

Let’s Move is a huge campaign as it aims to deal with obesity which is an epidemic in the US. Afflicting more than 30% of the children in the country, obesity costs the country billions of dollars each year. It is directly linked to high blood pressure prevention and other diseases which are expensive to treat or manage. It is good to invest in the health of our kids and teens.

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