High Blood Pressure Diets

High Blood Pressure Diets with pure organic foods. Let us have a look at the benefits of eating chemical free foods on your health with a real life example.

During the nineties we were quite an unusual family. After several health scares, starting with high blood pressure, my husband decided that we needed to drastically change our lifestyle. One of the ways we did this was to “downsize”. We sold our big house with the rooms we hardly ever used, we sold our car, and we took 'demotions' or steps back down the ladder, in terms of our employment.  

We no longer believed that our old way of life was the right way - it had been slowly killing us. Our jobs were too stressful, the adrenaline was always pumping, we ate and drank the wrong things and we'd forgotten how to live a simple more carefree lifestyle.

My husband had a mini-stroke, I suffered a nervous breakdown and the kids were getting into trouble at school because we were never there for them. Things had gotten bad.

Our new lifestyle meant we had more family and leisure time, we didn't have to work all hours just to pay the bills. And we started to make some radical changes to the way we looked after our health.

Firstly, we read about how a new 'organic' culture was growing in popularity in Europe, people were shunning foods that had been pumped and sprayed with pesticides and chemicals – some soft fruits were even being irradiated to keep them fresh for longer! The world had gone mad. We decided that organic was the way forward – which wasn't easy 15 years ago, you had to do a lot of searching to find truly organic produce. Now you can find it nearly everywhere!

My son says we basically became hippies overnight! But I like to think we had just gotten more informed about how food affected our health. As a family we decided to become vegetarian, in fact my daughter is now vegan. I know that you can buy organic meat and I do implore all meat eaters to buy organic – factory farmed and intensively reared meat is full of growth hormones and antibiotics, and you put this into your own system by eating it. Would you take a growth hormone if it was given to you as a pill? So why eat it in your meat?

We dropped out, but we didn't lose our way. We were like the advance guard in the organic movement – where we have led people have followed in their thousands. People are so much more aware of organic foods these days, and the reasons behind eating organic are now considered mainstream rather than wacky.

The benefits of organic food to your own physical health and well-being are enormous, and the benefit to the planet is even greater. So do remember to include organic to whatever high blood pressure diets you may choose to follow.

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