High Blood Pressure Cures

High Blood Pressure cures the natural way may include fasting for health and using herbal and other natural medicines

Eating easy to digest food on certain days of the month is one of the many 'high blood pressure cures'. This is a very natural form of healing. These occasions are great times for healing all kinds of illness, and can be observed by everyone whether you have high blood pressure or not.

Be in tune with nature

The human body functions best when you are physically active, and when the body is in tune with nature. To be in tune with nature is to be aware of the seasons and eat accordingly. It is recommended that you eat seasonal foods, as often as possible, and eat easy to digest foods during a change season. The body is more prone to illness during a change of season.

Natural Cures: Fasting

In India people still follow the lunar calendar and fast on the 11th day called Ekadasi. This is the time when the water content is high in the body and so you may fast or take less liquids on these days.

Easy to digest foods

Focus on a diet of fruits and vegetables, and easy to digest foods. This is the best time of the year to let the body get rid of toxins - according to nature.

It is the time of changing seasons, and the change now, is from summer to Autumn. It is the best time of the year to watch your diet as the body is more susceptible to disease if we eat heavy foods like meat, fish, egg, cheese, during this change of season. During this time drink plenty of water, and a fruit and vegetable based diet.

Have a fruit based breakfast to start the day. For lunch have vegetables with a little rice. For your evening meal have a vegetable soup.


In ancient cultures like in India, this change of season called Navaratri is observed like a 10 day period of prayer and fasting. This happens twice a year.

All these festivals are celebrated in quite a joyous manner - like most festivals. In India this period is celebrated more like a religious festival. But the significance of this period is very important. The ancient seers were wise people and came up with these days of fasting, prayer and celebration. They did not give away too much of the 'why's behind the festivals. Maybe because, many people might not have understood, in those days. Hence festivals arose, from these important events of nature.

Fruit and vegetable diets, greatly enhance the body's healing mechanisms. They are rich in disease fighting phytochemicals. If you are thankfully, not sick, then this diet helps prevent disease. So, it works well, both ways.

If you are reading this, try it out, and stick to fruit and vegetables, and easy to digest food, during this period. Your health will receive a big boost!

Fasting under Medical Supervision

You can undergo a healing fast or a cleansing fast. A healing fast can be for 7 days. It takes 3 days to complete digestion, three more days for chemicals to be washed out and the 7th day for the system to balance out. This can be done with the help of an Ayurvedic Doctor.

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