Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

by Rose Tol
(Perth, Australia)

Help Reduce High Blood Pressure With Meditation

Help Reduce High Blood Pressure With Meditation

Help Reduce High Blood Pressure With Meditation Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

My Father Finally Gave In And Learned Meditation!


My name is Rose and I love this site.
So informative and clear. Thank you.

..ok my story

My father has been suffering from high blood pressure for over 10 years. My mother supported him with the right foods and habits and he was taking medication on a daily basis as the levels were in the danger zone. Interestingly enough though the medication was not really bringing the blood pressure down at all but the doctors told him he had to keep taking it.

I have been trying to inspire my dad to meditate for 10 years and failed greatly. Until one day a good friend of his shared with him how he had no more stress in his life due to a meditation practice he picked up. This man is a big-time CEO of one of mayor companies in Holland and my father had great respect for him.

So guess what happened the next day. My father asked me about "that" meditation I do. So enthusiastically I send him some guided meditations and a book to inspire him. My mom told me he started right away and did it every morning and every evening for 10 minutes.

My dad told me he did not feel different...

My mom told me my dad was so much calmer and had more energy and seemed happier during the day. YEAH....I was so happy.

2 years later I found out that my dad was off the medication and his blood pressure was in safe levels.

We of course never quite know what the cause was, but after more then 10 years of trying everything to get his blood pressure down, including medication - which did not work - I think that meditation is a fairly high chance why it came down as it is proven in research also.

I hope this might inspire some people to pick up meditating. It is not hard to do.

If you like a hand I can help you and you can visit my site.

Good luck,



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