Heart Healthy Foods: The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook

by James

The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Cookbook
Author: Donald A. Gazzaniga
Reviewed by James (healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com)

Although this book has been written for people with heart disease and isn't really a DASH diet, because it is a low-sodium cookbook I bought it to try and find some recipes I could eat that wouldn't raise my blood pressure any further!

The story behind this book is an eye-opener. The author is not medically trained, he was a patient suffering from serious heart failure and was told he would need a heart transplant – but he took matters into his own hands and decided he would create a low-sodium diet plan for himself. And it worked! He no longer requires a transplant. The introduction to the book is written by a leading cardiologist (Dr Michael B. Fowler) so I knew that it was a diet I could take seriously. And top physicians also recommend it to their patients.

What I really like is the fact that Donald Gazzaniga hasn't conjured up fancy recipes that you can't find the ingredients for and that take hours to prepare – he's taken old favorites and re-worked them to suit a low-sodium plan. So there are recipes for pizza, paella, meatballs, casseroles, hamburger buns, bagels and sweet desserts and snacks like oat cookies. He walks you through the alternatives to salt that you can use to your meals taste good, and he suggests salt-free alternatives for your store cupboard, like certain brands of ketchup and soy sauce.

I found his discussion on shop bought breads and sauces interesting. I had no idea the sodium content of supermarket bread was so high. He recommends you buy a bread machine so you can make you own bread, pizza doughs and pitta bread, he has recipes for all of these, as well as recipes for some common sauces and marinades - which I guarantee you will start to make once he has opened your eyes to the unpleasant truth about the ill effects of some of your favorite foods such as ketchup, cream cheese, bottled sauces and table salt!

For every ingredient and recipe Gazzaniga gives the exact nutritional value, how many calories and much cholesterol there is - and of course every last mg of sodium is listed. In fact he lists it in two ways once for the individual ingredient and again for the whole recipe.

Lowering your sodium intake is one of the ways you can help lower you blood pressure, and this book is an excellent guide to some really easy to make recipes that are full of flavor, and for this reason I'd say you should buy it!

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Tasty Recipes!!
by: Monica

A great Cook Book!! The recipes are prepared in a healthy, low or no salt manner. The recipes are simple, tasty and easy to make and the food is delicious!

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