Healthy Food Tips

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Healthy food tips...

Here are some healthy food tips to lower high blood pressure - related to food and meals and how you start your day.

Protein Rich Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as you might know. Breakfast cuts calories and heart risks. Habitual missing of breakfast, is associated with overweight. After around 8 hours of not eating, your body will require fuel to get you going. Eating breakfast will give a kick start to the day.

Research has shown that women who don’t have breakfast will take in up to 100 calories more during the rest of the day, than those who do have breakfast. There is also an increased risk of heart disaase. Thus, individuals who take breakfast will generally be leaner than their counterparts who don’t have breakfast in the morning.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Eat small helpings of cruciferous vegetables everyday, and along with some exercise, you can lower blood pressure naturally. This is a good hypertension diet.

Benefits Of Cruciferous Vegetables

  • Helps in the prevention and cure of high blood pressure
  • Contains fibre
  • Prevents constipation/maintains healthy bowels
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • They help remove toxins from the body
  • They enhance the immune system
  • Promotes weight loss

Have Brocfast !

Broccoli is rich in fibre, is highly nutritious and can make quite a filling brocfast !! It is rich in vitamin c, which makes it a good brain food as well. Steamed broccoli with freshly made whole wheat pancakes makes a great start to the day.

List of cruciferous vegetables

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Bok Choi
  • Kale
  • Turnips
  • Radishes
  • Brussels sprout
  • Arugula
  • Watercress


Add some ghee to food for a delicious taste. Ghee is butter with lots of its fat removed. It is made by heating butter and removing the top fat layer. Ghee is excellent for health and is 'good fat'.

Regular use of ghee leads to excellent health of both body and mind. Ghee helps to maintain the right chemical balance in the body.

Usage: Half that of oil.

Choosing to eat healthy foods is important, as food today is contaminated with chemical fertilizers. Healthier food will increasing an individual’s longevity and reduce the chances of illness.

Importance of water...

A healthy habit to cultivate is to drink a lot of water. Your body requires plenty of water to flush out toxins and to function well. If you are living in areas with high temperatures then you should drink even more water every day. This helps prevent dehydration. Drinking ice cold water, dampens the appetite and is best avoided at meal times. Drinking cold water will make your body burn more energy to warm up the water to your normal body temperature.


Eating meals at regular times is good discipline for the body and mind. Meal times can help us fix our daily routine. It is indiscipline which really leads us astray, and we pay for it with our health.

When you are hungry, it is more likely that you will forget about good nutrition. Eat healthy snacks, if you have to, in between meals. but also remember not to turn your snack into a whole meal. Eat snacks in moderation.

Light Evening Meals

Have light evening meals, and have them early in the evening. It is ideal to eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. Eating late will lead to indigestion and a lower quality of sleep. This builds up, and can be a cause for disease later in life.

Why Vegetarian ?

Eating a vegetarian diet has tremendous benefits. One of the major benefits is increase in your longevity. Studies have shown than vegetarians live up to seven years longer than non-vegetarians. Cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer in the United States. Vegetarians have less chances of getting these heart related illnesses. Apart from heart related diseases, vegetarians have less chances of getting cancer. Studies have shown that people who eat meat daily are four times more prone to getting cancer than people who don’t eat meat.

Spend wisely...

Vegetarian meals are healthier and cheaper than non vegetarian diets. By becoming a vegetarian you will save lots of money according to recent studies ! You could therefore be spending that for healthier options, like joining a few activity clubs.

Do send us any healthy food tips, you might have, to lower high blood pressure. We will add it to the site, with you name.

To your health !

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