Healthy Blood Pressure: Triphala Formula

by Shankari

5 Star product from Amazon

Triphala is a 'must have' product for everyone whether you have high blood pressure or not. I cannot say enough about the health benefits of this miracle pill. It is made up of three fruits - hence the name 'three fruits' in Sanskrit 'Triphala'.
Triphala helps correct bloated or heavy stomachs, constipation or indigestion. Triphala is the pill for you. As you might know high blood pressure does not just emerge one day. It is a result of a lifelong 'lifestyle' that one leads. Take Triphala and change your whole body chemistry. It has only the very best side-effects, so nothing to worry about. I have been using triphala for a few years now and cannot do without it. If you wish to lose weight take 2 pills every night instead of one.

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