Healthy Blood Pressure: The Seven Pillars of Health

The Seven Pillars of Health: The Natural Way to Better Health for Life
Author: Donald Colbert, MD
Reviewed by Thompson (

Though it seems too good to be true, I personally feel that this IS undoubtedly one of the most beautiful books ever written on how to become healthy and live disease free through just following a few simple steps. I don't wonder that it has been a New York Times Best Seller.

Starting from the simple importance of drinking water, this is the book we have been waiting for. It has step by step guidelines to better health in just 50 days. And it is written with such great optimism that you don't think you are going to fail at any point. For sufferers of hypertension it is a must read book.

Dr Colbert's christian approach reveals the Seven Fundamental Pillars of Health that will enable people to live the healthy life God intended for us. These are based around:
Sleep and rest
Living food
Coping with stress

This book shows how to incorporate all of these into your daily life, and to ultimately provide you with increased energy and clarity of thought, so that you feel younger, live longer and live more healthily. And with Dr Colbert's easy knack of making difficult medical concepts understandable, you will find this an easy book to read. It has been described by one reviewer as like following “A daily devotional journey”. Each chapter (Pillar) takes about a week to do. This gives you plenty of time to meditate on what you have learned.

The approach Dr Colbert takes is full-on – by that I mean he doesn't just tell you to drink more water, he tells you what the right kind of water is, and he instructs you on how to chew your food properly.

There is so much information to take in, which is why I like the daily approach and the recaps which help you to retain as much of the information as possible. This is a book packed full of really useful information and it is all underpinned by the authors strong christian beliefs. Throughout there are quotes from the scriptures to guide and encourage you, and prayers to strengthen you.

If God is really not your bag then I'd say it's probably best to avoid this diet book, but if you are a person of faith then this is a truly wondrous and inspirational book, I have certainly taken a lot of comfort from it.

Also available as a Kindle edition.

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