Healthy Blood Pressure: The Magnesium Factor

The Magnesium Factor
Author: Mildred Seelig, MD; Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D
Reviewed by Sandy (

The basic premise of this book is summed up in its tag line: How one simple nutrient can prevent, treat and reverse high blood pressure; heart disease; diabetes and other chronic conditions. When I first read that on the front cover I thought that it was making quite a big claim – but having been dogged by high blood pressure for many years and also having been diagnosed with pre-diabetes I was prepared to try anything! At the risk of sounding ghoulish – I remember my great-aunt having her leg amputated through diabetes, and I didn't want that happening to me!

The two authors are eminently qualified in their areas of research so I had no qualms about believing their claims to be genuine. And the more I read, the more sense it seemed to make. Americans are severely magnesium deficient, the main sources of magnesium in the diet is from whole wheat, leafy green vegetables and nuts – and sadly these are all things that are not eaten in any great quantity. Our wheat is over refined, and we don't eat enough fresh vegetables or nuts anymore. The decline in consumption of these foods directly correlates to the rise in fatal heart attacks. Around 90% of lethal heart attacks in the US are due to chronic magnesium deficiency.

I've leaned that the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are many – high blood pressure, cramps, angina, and pre-eclampsia are just a few, but the one that interested me - it can cause you to have a ravenous appetite! The authors believe that if Americans supplemented their diets with 150 to 500 mg of magnesium per day, it would result in huge health benefits. There are guidelines within the book for working out what your dosage should be.

Since I have been taking my magnesium supplements I've also noticed that I have fewer headaches (which were probably due to my high blood pressure) and my PMT has definitely improved! My hope is that I will soon be off the danger list for developing diabetes and that my blood pressure readings will continue to come down.

I can't stress how amazing this book was – it was a complete revelation to me, and I'm always buying copies for friends and colleagues! I can't believe how so few people know about magnesium deficiency – and I'm on a crusade to educate them!

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