Healthy Blood Pressure: The High Blood Pressure Hoax

The High Pressure Hoax
Author: Sherry A. Rogers, MD
Reviewed by Laura (

This book contains life changing and life saving information, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has been told they have high blood pressure. It does take some discipline to lead a healthy life and be accountable to yourself – but this book can help. Dr Rogers unwraps the mystery surrounding hypertension and explains it in terms the layman can understand. As a person of faith I find her books to be inspirational, she draws strongly on her christian belief and I thank God that she has written a book that can help to change so many peoples lives for the better.

As she so eloquently writes, the “hoax” is the myth that blood pressure drugs will make you better. Wrong. They make you worse by depleting nutrients in your body, shrinking your brain and raising your risk of heart attack. For complete vascular health the only answer lies in good diet and exercise – which can prevent and cure high blood pressure. So there is no need for drugs at all. Drugs just treat the symptoms and mask the causes – it is the causes that need to be tackled otherwise we are just feeding ourselves a lie that everything is OK. We have all become so reliant on drugs to make us better that we expect to be given a prescription every time we visit the doctor – but we have to stop and take control of our bodies. There is so much we can do to help ourselves, and Dr Rogers has helped me to see this.

She warns of the dangers of medication and shows you how to keep off it through making just a few simple lifestyle changes. The book helps you to discover the real causes behind your hypertension and suggests how to do something about them so that you can reverse the damage high blood pressure is doing to your body.

What made me buy this book in particular was seeing a review from someone who had been on prescription drugs for over 30 years – they claimed that by using the information in this book they were able to give up their drugs, and now that I've read it I can see how this was possible.

This is an excellent and captivating book to keep you going and to give you hope for the future – which will hopefully be a future without medication!

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