The Guerrilla Guide to Hypertension
Author: Jake Anthony
Reviewed by Bella (

I bought this ebook because after years of thinking my blood pressure was fine, I was suddenly told by my doctor that it was in the “pre-hypertension” range. Having never heard of pre-hypertension I wanted to read about it from someone that wasn't being paid by a Big Pharma – I wanted objective and unbiased information, which is what this book offers.

From reading this book I discovered that it has only been since about 2007 that this condition has existed! It is a con by the Big Pharma's to sell you drugs for a condition you can easily control yourself through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes – like giving up smoking. The drugs peddled by these “disease mongers” do not treat the causes – just the symptoms. And, even if they do lower your blood pressure your risk of dying from heart attack or stroke does not diminish – and I haven't even gotten around to talking about their side effects!

So, relieved I wasn't about to drop dead straight away, I used this ebook to help me make changes to the way I was living. I knew that with its holistic approach the changes would not just benefit my blood pressure, but also all of my health. The author has documented his “guerrilla tactics” in this book that took him from a life threatening reading of 250 over 150 to normal for his age. He mentions the beneficial uses of certain herbs as medicine, which I found very interesting.

He says how “normal” is also a range that seems to be moved whenever the Big Pharma's want to promote a new drug. Your top systolic reading always used to be your age plus 100 – but this just doesn't seem to be the case anymore, the target is 140 over 80 – do the math, if you are over 40 years old then you're always going to be battling to keep within the healthy range – and that's the pre-hypertension readings my doctor picked up on.

It is a medical fact that most older people require a higher blood pressure in order to remain alive and active. The traditional, age-related methods of interpreting blood pressure readings took that factor into account, it's the drug companies that have hijacked these methods.

This book is a must read because it is a first hand report by the author, so you are getting facts. You can use his experience to draw up your very own guerrilla tactics to handle your blood pressure.

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