Healthy Blood Pressure: The Blood Pressure Miracle

The Blood Pressure Miracle
Author: Fred Mangano
Reviewed by Sara (

“Uncover the truth about hypertension and discover an alternative solution to drugs”

I chose this book about blood pressure above many of the others on the shelves because it is so recently published and is therefore fully up to date and covers the latest theories and practices in the field of hypertension.

I never take drugs unless as a last resort and so I wanted to manage my blood pressure naturally. Mangano takes a unique approach to this disease. He advocates following a combined approach that uses a host of different methods which all have one thing in common – they have been proven scientifically to work by lowering blood pressure. When combining all of these methods in such a holistic way the results are multiplied in the good that they do, which is why it is called a miracle.

It was important to me knowing that Fred Mangano is an independent researcher and has no affiliation whatsoever to any pharmaceutical or supplement company. So I knew what I was reading was impartial as well as accurate. As I'm such a paranoid person when it comes to my health I also bought my own blood pressure monitor and used it to track my progress from hypertensive to normal.

Following as much of his advice as I could, I changed my diet so it is unrecognizable now to what it was before I started. I began an exercise regime that I worked out with my new personal trainer, we started off slow and have been building up so I now do 40 minutes of cardiovascular work and 20 minutes of weights four times a week. I bought a relaxation CD and I play it most nights before going to bed. I cut back on my alcohol, now I only have three to four glasses of red wine each week instead of 2 bottles a week! And I began to take supplements of omega 3 and fish oils, magnesium and potassium. My blood pressure has dropped from a high of 145/92 to 110/70 – it is amazing! And all without taking any prescription drugs. Thank you Fred Mangano.

This is a must buy book – it uses up to the moment research and leaves no stone uncovered in the search for a better and more natural way of reducing hypertension.

Also available as a Kindle edition.

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