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The Blood Pressure Book: How to Get It Down and Keep It Down
Author: Stephen P. Fortmann, MD; Prudence E. Breitrose, MA
Reviewed by Fred (

This is an exceptional book, it is not very long, is easy to read and is written by experts. Dr Fortmann is director of the Stanford Heart Disease Prevention Research Center and Prudence Breitrose is chief writer at the same center. It covers the latest research into high blood pressure and offers advice on how to reduce it through diet, exercise and stress management.

Although quite a short book it does have some really useful information about all aspects of blood pressure and related health issues. There is an explanation of medical terminology, such as systolic and diastolic – I didn't know what they meant, they were just words my doctor used and I never thought to question him.

After reading this book I decided to take some of their advice to heart and so I dieted to lose weight, I started walking – building it up slowly until I could walk for 45 minutes per day at a brisk pace – and I followed a low sodium diet plan. I'd not visited my doctor for 6 months and when I did he could not believe the change in me. Not only had my hypertension been cured but my cholesterol levels had fallen dramatically and I was no longer considered to be “morbidly obese”. When I told him about this book he said that if it had such wonderful effects he would recommend it to all his high blood pressure patients in future! Now I look forward to my appointments rather than dreading them. I had been told for years that I should do something about my blood pressure, I'm glad I didn't leave it too long.

I'm sure a lot of the what is in this book is plain old common sense, but it took me a while to realize that I needed help, it's all very well knowing the theory but it is having the help to put it into practice that counts – and this book gave me that boost.

If you want to know how to bring down high blood pressure and keep it down, how to set goals and see the results and learn how you measure your progress, then you'll find it all in this book. It's a must have book to inspire you and to keep your inspired!

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