Healthy Blood Pressure: The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure

The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure: How to Lower Your Cholesterol by Up to 40 Percent Without Drugs or Deprivation
Author: Robert E. Kowalski
Reviewed by Sofia (

Yes, it was the bit that said “Without Deprivation” that made me buy this book. I can't help it, I love my food and the thought of dieting really does turn me cold. But I also know when the doctor isn't joking, so I picked this off the shelf in the hope that it would kick-start me into good eating habits. I've not been disappointed – this book is amazing! It is a bit of a monster, over 500 pages long, but it's well worth reading every single word!
The main issue for me was I didn't want to take any drugs, so I was determined to sort out my cholesterol through diet (notice I say “diet” not “a diet”). I stuck to the 8-week plan religiously and I came down from 282 to 182 – not quite the full 40 percent but still very impressive, and that figure will only get lower if I stay on plan.

Kowalski is a medical journalist who devised this diet to help reduce his own cholesterol levels – and he was determined not to compromise on taste and flavor. He claimed most cholesterol reducing diets were restrictive and had few remarkable results. This diet is a modified low-cholesterol plan which allows red meat in moderation, alongside daily portions of oat bran and niacin, which is one of the B-vitamins. I have learned to love oat bran! I heat it in the microwave with skimmed milk and eat it as a hot cereal for breakfast every day – sometimes I might spoil myself by sprinkling a few blueberries on top! And sometimes I have oat bran muffins for my mid-morning snack as well – you can never have too much oat bran!

It is a bit sciencey in parts, especially when he describes how oat bran and niacin work together to lower blood cholesterol – but I skipped these parts and came back to them later once I understood a bit more about the diet and wanted to understand how it worked. And now I even know what triglycerides are!

This book is a great gift for yourself and if you are a nice person you will make it a gift you give your friends! But being able to lower my cholesterol without drugs is definitely the best part.

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