Healthy Blood Pressure: Power of Vitamin D

The Power of Vitamin D
Author: Sarfraz Zaidi, MD
Reviewed by Johnson (

As well as watching my diet, I have also been taking supplements to help lower my blood pressure. I was just taking a combined multivitamin and mineral, but then I got to hear about vitamin D and its link to hypertension. I bought this book so I could find out a bit more, and as I like my science it appealed to me because it claimed to be showing that, “New Scientific Research Links Vitamin D Deficiency to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, arthritis, lupus, MS, asthma, thyroid disease, dental problems, problems during pregnancy, problems in newborns and depression”.

Quite an impressive list! But how were all these things related? Sure, I had high blood pressure but as a 6'2” male I was never going to suffer problems during pregnancy! It turns out vitamin D is actually a hormone, so anyone with a deficiency is suffering from a disease. To benefit fully from vitamin D, it needs to be synthesized in the skin where it then enters the blood and has an influence on every organ system in the body – which is why if it is deficient it can effect so many different parts of the body (that answered my pregnancy question!).

And the answer? Get out in the Sun! It is the Sun that synthesizes the vitamin D, and with so many of us hardly ever venturing outdoors because of our modern lifestyles, we are becoming a nation blighted with a severe vitamin D deficiency. Because of an increase in the incidence of rickets among young children (which is a disease caused by vitamin D deficiency) recent guidelines issued in the UK have suggested that everyone should aim to get at least three to four ten minute sessions in the Sun each week, without sunscreen – but being careful not to burn!

As far as I'm concerned this is the best book about vitamin D on the market, it includes scientific evidence on the power of the Sun to heal our bodies.

This book answers many questions about vitamin D deficiency and the link to various illnesses including high blood pressure.

Dr. Zaidi the author even gives case studies of his own patients to illustrate the points. It is a well written and highly recommended book. Buy a gift for yourself and spread the knowledge a little further.

Also available as a Kindle.

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