Healthy Blood Pressure: Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods

The Rice Diet Solution
Author: Kitty Gurkin Rosati; Robert Rosati
Reviewed by Reuben (

I'm a convert to the high-carb diet. My friends all thought I was crazy to follow the Rice Diet when most weight-loss programs these days treat carbohydrates as the enemy, I did feel like I was a lone voice in the crowd. While my girlfriends were tucking into steak and butter on the Atkins diet plan I was turning into a 'Ricer'.

My back story is that I needed to lose over 50 pounds. My blood pressure was dangerously high and I was facing a lifetime of medication unless I could control it. I had been on every diet plan imaginable – the Atkins, Dukan, Weight Watchers, the Suzanne Somers diet, you name I'd tried it I'd failed at all of them. I could lose the first 10 pounds quickly enough but then I'd struggle to lose anymore and would just be yo-yoing 2-3 pounds each week.

Then I discovered the Rice Diet Solution, a diet so out of fashion no one had ever heard of it. But it has been around for over 70 years, which is longer than any of the others by a country mile. The claim that you could lose an average of 30 pounds in the first month was like music to my ears! Plus I was desperate!

The diet is essentially a low sodium, low fat detox diet – big on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, dairy, seafood and lean cuts of meat. Processed foods high in salt and sugar are avoided completely. So not a whole lot removed from the heart healthy DASH diet plan. The Rice Diet limits your calorie intake, but by cutting out the salt and sugar you also control food cravings, and you get used to the tastes and flavors very quickly. Despite some reservations that I might have had, worrying in case I found it bland, I actually find it's very tasty – especially when I added herbs and spices. The menu plans they give you at the start are very easy to follow and are flavorsome and extremely filling.

Did I lose 30 pounds in my first month? Not quite – I lost 24, which I was ecstatic about! This diet rocks, as far as I'm concerned my friends can keep their sirloins and bacon, my blood pressure level fell so much it was just at the upper end of the normal range, so I'm sticking with this diet – it really is a diet plan you can quite happily maintain and follow for life. I can't believe the Rice Diet Solution isn't more popular – I'm doing all I can to promote it, it is unbelievable!

Also available as a Kindle edition.

One thing I did discover when I begun using this book is that low fat foods often have a much higher sodium content than their full fat counterparts, someone told me it was because the food manufacturers are trying to compensate for a loss in flavor that low fat varieties have by adding extra salt to them. Sounds weird to me that someone on a low fat diet may be inadvertently eating a high sodium diet – but it is something I now warn dieters to look out for.

Extremely good value book for all those with hypertension. And it proves that hypertension can be controlled by reducing the level of salt in your diet – if I can do it anyone can! If you always keep this book in your pocket or purse it serves as a good reminder to you to watch that salt intake!

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