Healthy Blood Pressure: Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods 2

by David

Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods
Author: Bobbie Mostyn
Reviewed by Yvonne (

My daughter bought me this book because it is small enough to fit in my purse and I can take it with me everywhere I go. I use it every single day, whether I'm buying groceries or eating out. Because I have to follow a low sodium diet for my hypertension this little book has been a godsend, the lists of supermarket products (both generic or brand name foods) it contains allows me to check the salt content of anything before I buy it – and it revealed I was previously buying some quite heavily salt laden products without realizing.

Too much salt in your diet plays havoc with your blood pressure, if I accidentally eat a salt rich meal my pressure can go up by ten points – so I am very careful what I put in my mouth. Nothing goes in anymore unless I'm 100% certain of the sodium content. This guide lets me plan my meals in advance – although I know so many of the values off by heart now that I can make a meal and know exactly how many mg's there are in it. It has made me “salt conscious”, I no longer salt any of my vegetables, you get used to the taste very quickly and now I can't stand vegetables that have been salted – it takes away all their natural flavor and has me reaching for the water jug!

I buy less (or some weeks no) processed foods, nearly everything in my kitchen is made from fresh ingredients. Everything I eat when I'm out is low sodium – it does make you a little bit obsessive, but I no longer feel any embarrassment getting this book out in a restaurant or cafe. It is my health that is important, not what anyone else might be thinking.

One thing I did discover when I begun using this book is that low fat foods often have a much higher sodium content than their full fat counterparts, someone told me it was because the food manufacturers are trying to compensate for a loss in flavor that low fat varieties have by adding extra salt to them.

Sounds weird to me that someone on a low fat diet may be inadvertently eating a high sodium diet – but it is something I now warn dieters to look out for.

Extremely good value book for all those with hypertension. And it proves that hypertension can be controlled by reducing the level of salt in your diet – if I can do it anyone can! If you always keep this book in your pocket or purse it serves as a good reminder to you to watch that salt intake!

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