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Perfect Blood Pressure
Author: David Lovell-Smith
Reviewed by David (

I picked this book up alongside The Dash Diet for Hypertension by Dr Thomas Moore – which is another book that aims to lower blood pressure without prescription drugs. The Perfect Pressure focuses on something none of the other books seem to, while the rest concentrate on food and diet to bring about positive changes, this book shows how meditation can effortlessly help to lower blood pressure.

Taking a three pronged attack seems to be the sensible thing to do – I have changed my diet to be more healthy, I do exercise more often and I also make time for meditation and breathing exercises. The idea that mediating can help with hypertension is one that many physicians agree with. They have known for a long time that stress can be a contributing factor to the causes of high blood pressure and they will often advocate trying to remove as much stress from your life as you are able – too much adrenaline coursing through your veins is not good for your health over prolonged periods of time. But now more doctors are seeing proof that meditation really does work. The work of Dr. Robert Schneider who has studied the effects of Transcendental Mediation on blood pressure is widely recognized.

Perfect Blood Pressure describes how it is possible to breathe yourself to better health. By learning just few simple breathing techniques, having an awareness of your breathing patterns and your areas of muscle tension it is possible to change your physiological state through thought. Dr Lovell-Smith spent over ten years treating patients with this technique and he shares his findings with us in this book. It is a safe and natural method, and aims to ultimately avoid the need for taking drugs which can be costly and have serious side effects.

I took it one stage further and joined a mediation class where we are instructed in the Maharishi's Ayurveda approach to health and well being.

I try and meditate for twenty minutes twice a day and if for any reason I'm unable to do this I do feel as though I'm out of balance. These short sessions have become part of the holistic approach I'm taking to solve my problem of hypertension once and for all – without the use of drugs!

Read and be inspired by Dr. David Lovell-Smith. This is a brilliantly written book with great clarity and knowledge, easy to read and highly enjoyable as well!

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