Healthy Blood Pressure: Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook

Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Help Lower Your Cholesterol
Author: American Heart Association
Reviewed by Emma (

This is a classic book, already on its fourth edition, and it has been compiled by the real experts at the American Heart Association. I was impressed by the quality of the recipes, which are all 'tested', and we eat them as a family, the kids don't realize they are eating healthy food – you know what kids are like, if they think it's good for them they won't eat it out of stubbornness!

The wide range of ingredients ensure that every meal is packed with nutritious foods which are delicious and at the same time low in cholesterol and fat. It has lots of nice pictures and is a well structured book which makes it easy to follow - which is essential if you are a busy Mom like me. It makes use of low fat sauces and low fat dairy products which you can buy anywhere. In fact, it is such a down to earth book and doesn't have a whole load of wild and wacky ingredients, it really feels like it has been written with the family in mind.

If I have one teeny weeny criticism, it is that if you do have high blood pressure, then you might want to substitute some of the ingredients – for example smoked salmon, which although great for your heart because it is an oily fish is also very high in sodium, so just beware and watch out for hidden sodium. If you want a really strict fat-free cookbook then don't pick this book – it is what it says on the cover 'low-fat', and is ideal for anyone wanting to maintain their good health and perhaps lose weight gradually rather than go on a crash diet.

There is some very useful information on the cholesterol content of many common foods including meat, fish, fruits and vegetables so you don't have to do any guesswork. It also has tips on what to eat when you go out, and lets face it, families do go out. So knowing what to avoid from the menu is really handy – pre-warned is pre-armed! The information about trans fats and saturated fats made for some worrying reading.

Some of our favorite recipes include the Thai coconut curry with vegetables, and the delicious Key lime tart with fruit – which always goes down well with my children, they love it!

If you want a healthy cookbook full of meals all the family will enjoy then I recommend this book.

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