Healthy Blood Pressure: In 12 weeks You Can Control Your High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

In 12 Weeks You Can Control Your High Blood Pressure Without Drugs
Author: Cleaves M. Bennett
Reviewed by Healey (

Let me present this scenario to you. You are aged 42 and the two options are: spending the rest of your life on prescription drugs to control your high blood pressure (which could be 40+ years), or spend the next 12 weeks getting yourself better and having a drug free future? I bet like me you chose the second option.

At 42 there was no way I was going to start taking medication, especially a hypertension drug with all of its known side effects. So I panic Googled and came across this book by Cleaves Bennett. It is a long book but well worth the read. The tone is upbeat and personal, and everything is written with good humor – even the text on common high blood pressure drugs! His discussion on prescription drugs, how they work and why you shouldn't take them was very clearly written, it helped me make sense in my own mind what I thought to be true anyway and so I knew I was making the right choice by following his 12 week plan.

Anyway, as you've probably guessed, I took the plunge and spent 12 weeks of my life in the hands of good old Cleaves Bennett. I followed him word for word, it was my bible for those three months and I do still refer back to it if I think things are sliding again.

The section on meditation and relaxing was very informative with some self-help techniques I'd never come across before in any other book - meditation has become part of my daily routine, something I would have laughed at if you'd told me before I did those 12 weeks!

I changed my diet, took some exercise, cut back on my sodium intake and tried to make time for some relaxation and stress free moments. There is a checklist you check off each week so you know you've followed the program correctly.

Within six weeks my blood pressure had improved so much my doctor thought I was already on medication, by 12 weeks I was completely out of the danger zone and my doctor asked to borrow the book himself!

This is an excellent book that you should share with your whole family. The weekly checklist means you just can't go wrong and it is so easy to follow and get results.

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