Healthy Blood Pressure: Homeopathic Medicine and the Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Homeopathic Medicine and the Treatment of High Blood Pressure:
Homeopathy in Thought and Action
Author: Vinson McCabe

Reviewed by Jack (

A friend told me about this book when she heard I had high blood pressure and she encouraged me to download it to my Kindle – with a title like that I'd never have picked it off the shelves. Until I started reading it I wasn't even entirely sure what homeopathic meant!

As it turns out homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine where the practitioners treat their patients with a remedy (or highly diluted preparation) which causes healthy people to exhibit symptoms similar to those of the patient. The theory being “let like be cured by like”. Homeopaths treat the whole of the patient not just the symptoms, they study their physical and psychological state as well and then select a remedy based on the totality of symptoms. They interpret diseases and sickness to be caused by disturbances in a hypothetical “life force”.

When I looked up his biography to find out more about the man behind this book I was stuck by a quote from him: "Western medicine is based upon the use of ever-stronger doses of allopathic drugs. And allopathic treatment with these drugs is the medical equivalent of running with scissors. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but it almost always ends in tears.". Like so many people faced with a lifetime of drugs ahead of them McCabe decided that life was not for him and he sought an alternative – and this alternative is now inspiring hundreds of others to treat their hypertension though homeopathic treatments.

This is more an article than a full blown book and McCabe describes it as a work in progress that will be added to over time. But this first part introduces homeopathy as a tool to treat high blood pressure and educates the reader in the philosophy behind homeopathic treatments and the impact they can have on the body and mind.

It is a short, but excellent introduction to the world of homeopathic treatment and it will inspire you to lower your blood pressure without resorting to harmful drugs.

The same friend that recommend this book also told me that the British Royal family are fans of homeopathic treatments – you only need to look at their good health and longevity to know that there must be something in it!

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