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High Blood Pressure Lowered Naturally - Your Arteries Can Clean Themselves
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My father suffered a heart attack at the age of 59, he survived but was told his arteries were very clogged and he had to undergo a surgical procedure to fit a stent. As you can imagine this made me rather paranoid about my own health. My blood pressure readings had been on the high side of normal for quite some time and I wasn't really bothered about them, but my father's condition made me take stock and do some serious thinking.

I did not want to be building up problems for myself in later life, so although everything was fine in the present, I wanted to start doing something to ensure I wouldn't also be struck down with heart disease.

This book was one that I bought to educate myself about the problems of plaque build up and the problems that high cholesterol and high blood pressure cause. It gives a general background to all of these with clear illustrations that describe exactly what goes on in your heart - apart from a few lessons back in high school, I'd never studied the heart in any detail at all before.

There are also some heart healthy recipes and a great deal of information about diet and exercise. It explains which foods can lower cholesterol and so prevent and even reverse the build up of plaque in your arteries – and it is all done naturally, there are no drugs involved, just sensible eating.

I'd had a vague idea that certain foods could lower blood pressure, but I didn't understand how or why until I read this book, but now I know it is true – your arteries can clean themselves if they are given the right ingredients.

For me, following the advice in this book is more about prevention but I know people who have had very high blood pressure and have done what it says in this book and their blood pressure has improved to a point where they no longer require medication.

I don't know if I would ever have developed heart disease like my father did, but by making these lifestyle changes now I've certainly lengthened the odds for myself.

Unclog your arteries now! If you are like me and want to prevent heart disease, or if you are already on medication this book can help you.

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