Healthy Blood Pressure: Healing Hypertension

by Clive

Healing Hypertension: A Revolutionary New Approach
Author: Samuel J. Mann
Reviewed by Clive (

When someone tells you a book can change your life do you ever believe them? I guess most of us don't, however this one might just be the exception. It offers a completely different approach to dealing with hypertension, it is a psychological understanding of high blood pressure and how to handle it. When I saw this quote by one of his peers I knew that this book was going to be good:

"Dr. Samuel Mann pushes the boundaries of medicine by demonstrating the emotional components of hypertension, one of the most serious health problems of our day. Healing Hypertension shows that it is not enough to attend to our physical bodies; we must look to our emotional life as well if we expect to be healthy and whole. This is an immensely important book."
Larry Dossey, MD.

Dr Mann appreciates that we all have a unique persona, and his approach to healing is like a breath of fresh air! He uses numerous case studies to prove his point of view and make the book more “human”. It is the only book I have come across which even considers the possibility that emotions can lead to hypertension. He does not just mean emotions on the surface, like being angry because you've lost your car keys, but deep, hidden emotions we don't feel anymore – or at least we think we don't feel anymore, be it emotional trauma from your past, childhood abuse or family dysfunction, these can all play a part in your physical health.

This book helps you to understand that it may be your hidden emotions that are affecting your high blood pressure and Dr Mann addresses what you can do to help yourself overcome these issues. If you have unexplained hypertension then, like I said earlier, this book could change your life. It could be the catalyst that unlocks your repressed emotions and propels you onwards on your journey to full health.

Please don't think that this is some quack theory, Dr Mann freely acknowledges that genetic hypertension and other health issues do result in high blood pressure in the majority of cases, but he is making the case for emotional and psychological factors that also contribute to this disease.

You will find some genuine information in this book about high blood pressure and how to handle it. It is easy to read and is an excellent review of alternative treatment options.

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