Healthy Blood Pressure: Good News About High Blood Pressure

Good News About High Blood Pressure: Everything You Need to Know to Take Control of Hypertension...and Your Life
Author: Thomas Pickering, MD
Reviewed by Sally (

I definitely fall into that 20% of people who has a raised blood pressure reading when at the doctors surgery or in hospital,(so called white coat syndrome), so much so that I was sent home with a monitor so I could record my own readings over a 7-day period. OK, it was still high but nowhere near as high as when I was in the surgery. So I was grateful that Dr Pickering acknowledges this and it is why I bought his book.

Dr Pickering is a highly qualified doctor and an expert in the field of hypertension. His approach is very scientific and he doesn't hold much truck with alternative treatments or theories. He very clearly explains the different risk factors, that they are not the same for everyone, and that there are things you can do to lower your risk. For instance, I learned that high blood pressure risks vary between men and women, depend upon your age and even your race.

Because high blood pressure is related to so many other diseases and conditions this book covers a lot of topics such as cholesterol and atherosclerosis. He talks about the relationship between hypertension and strokes and heart attacks alongside how factors like stress, weight, alcohol, diet and exercise all have a bearing on your blood pressure.

I had always thought I was being good by following a low fat diet, but this book has made me realize that by eating low fat I am lowering my cholesterol HDL levels (the good cholesterol), so after reading the whole book I have switched my diet to a more Mediterranean style. This makes use of olive oil rather than saturated fats (even low fat foods can contain saturated fat) and fresh vegetables, pulses and oily fish.

I would strongly recommend anyone with high blood pressure to read this book, it is a no nonsense guide that gives sensible advice – by taking control of your blood pressure you will find that any other health issues related to diet and lifestyle will also fall into place – just as the author claims.

It is written with authority yet it is not confrontational, it just offers sound guidance and a positive outlook for a more healthy future – hypertension free!

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