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500 High Fiber Recipes: A Scientifically Proven Program for Preventing Strokes and Heart Disease
Author: Dick Logue
Reviewed by Gertrude (

I am a 67 year old grandmother of 5, and when I was diagnosed last year with high blood pressure I wanted to do something so I was around for long enough to see my grandchildren grow up. One of my daughters bought this book for me to help improve my diet. It makes some big claims on the cover “Fight diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and irritable bowel syndrome with delicious meals that fill you up and help you shed pounds”.

Could I really eat my way to lower blood pressure? With 500 high fiber recipes to choose from I supposed I ought to give it a try. There is a huge variety of recipes in this book; soups, stews, breads, main meals, desserts – almost too many to choose from. But I made out a menu plan for the week and made a list of all the groceries I had to buy and I just got stuck in at the deep end.

I knew that high fiber foods were good for you, and I'm pleased to say I always used to cook with fresh vegetables – making my own sauces and soups from scratch, but over the years I had started to get a bit lazy, living on your own means you don't want to spend ages preparing a meal for one. I was using more and more processed ingredients such as cook-in sauces and baked goods. I'd never really considered that it was these foods that were making me ill, but in his book Dick Logue clearly explained how I was consuming well over the daily sodium guidelines for health and I was eating food that lacked fiber and goodness. Processing strips so much of the goodness out of food.

This book made me really think about what I was eating. It tells you how fiber keeps your digestive track healthy by speeding up and easing bowel movements. It can help you lose weight, prevent constipation, reduce your likelihood of developing bowel disease and it can help lower your blood pressure.

You should go out and buy this book now! I feel a hundred times better than I did six months ago. It wasn't until I changed my eating habits I realized how sluggish and “old” I'd become. Now I have much more energy to play with my grandchildren and I hope to be around for many more years yet!

Also available as a Kindle.

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