Healthy Blood Pressure: Doctor, Tell Me About High Blood Pressure & Stroke

Doctor Tell Me About High Blood Pressure and Stroke
Author: Dr M. Reyzelman, et al.
Reviewed by Alice (

Don't be put off by the strange title, this book is a comprehensive guide to high blood pressure and stroke and is essential reading for anyone suffering from these diseases or has a family member who is. It is written in a quick and easy to understand format, with all of your questions on high blood pressure and related illnesses answered by experienced doctors.

The information in this guide is all derived from evidence based medicine and respected publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine and Neurology, and it presents all of this to you in plain English not medical jargon. Dr Reyzelman and his author team are all medical doctors who are experts in this field, and who between them have had years of experience dealing with these types of questions face to face with their patients. The idea of putting all of the most frequently asked and common questions into a book has to be applauded, it works really well.

This book will teach you how to recognize the symptoms of high blood pressure and how to prevent it. It explains how high blood pressure and strokes are related to each other and it gives information on the most up to date treatments and medications available to the patient. It is broken down into quite a few sections, so is good to use as a quick reference guide - which means it will get you up to speed in a matter of pages so you don't feel bewildered by what is going on. Some of the sections include information on: hypertension and high blood pressure, the risks, symptoms, and causes of high blood pressure, how to treat hypertension, understanding medical terminology related to high blood pressure. As well as a section on food, exercise, and lifestyle which offers great advice to those who are in high risk groups as well as those who already suffer from hypertension.

The FAQ's and the relevant questions with answers make this a little gem of a book.

There are questions posed that you forget or are too embarrassed to ask your own doctor, it's a nice format and is an outstanding guide to learn more about high blood pressure.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about this terrible disease.

Also available as a Kindle edition.

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