Healthy Blood Pressure: Controlling High Blood Pressure the Natural Way

Controlling High Blood Pressure the Natural Way
Author: David Carroll; Wahida S. Karmally
Reviewed by Emily (

I bought this book for my father, and after he read it he made me read it as well! It is a book that makes so much sense – we both followed the 30 day food plan together and we both had lower blood pressure by the end of it. If you thought having high blood pressure meant you had to take medication then you need to read this book and discover the truth. If your doctor tries to push you towards taking medication you should ask them for 30 days to see what you can do for yourself first. If you follow the guidance and information in this book you won't need that prescription after all.

You don't have to panic if you find you or a loved one has hypertension – there are things you can do to help yourself. David Carroll shows us (and not in an unkind way) that high pressure is almost always due to an unhealthy lifestyle – and this is something you can control through diet, exercise and healthy living

There are over 90 delicious and healthful recipes that cover breakfast, lunch and dinner and what is called a “triple-threat” healing program to revitalize you circulation and boost your overall health. Based on the principles of the DASH diet, the food is low in fat and sodium with a focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. The writing is very motivational and both myself and my father lost weight easily on this plan without ever feeling deprived or hungry! And it is a way of eating that you can easily maintain – for life!

The authors tell you about various techniques to reduce stress – including yoga, meditation, tai chi and even visualization - these are all techniques you can learn and do in the privacy of your own home. I've learned that a couple of yoga sessions a week make me feel more relaxed and calm, I just wish I could fit more classes in! Whereas my father prefers to meditate alone.

This is an outstanding book which once you've read cover to cover you can keep handy and use it as a reference book. It has lots of healthy guidelines including the various healing properties of certain foods. Please buy a copy before you start to take medication – high blood pressure is something you can control naturally.

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